Monday, 28 February 2011

Colds and Crochet....

Blimey, a month since my last post, poor neglected blog!! Where has the last month gone? Surely, this year is not going to fly be *even quicker* than 2010 did?

I currently have a cold and am feeling a bit :0( *meep* - I'm hoping it is going to get better soon as I'm travelling to Ireland on Thursday (by plane :wibble:) for My Best Friend's Wedding. 

I met Vicky at school when we were 15 (and she in turn has known my hubby all their lives) and although life took us in different directions she has always been there. It's been TEN YEARS since I saw her last but know when I fall into her arms on Thursday it will be as though we have never been apart. So GO AWAY cold!!

I have a few things to show you, forgive me for the poor quality of the pics but it's a case of having a spare few minutes when I think to do them or missing the opportunity!!

Despite the cold I have managed to make Vicky a little wedding present (I can't show it all as she might see this before the big day!!):

I hope she likes it!!

I have also finished painting the bathroom. It has been a bit of a "Goldilocks" room - first it was very pale duck egg and was too light (AKA shows the dust too much!!) and then it was teal which was too dark (AKA shows soap/water marks) and now it's JUST RIGHT:

Do you like my patchwork wallpaper wall? I did it by collecting lots of (rather large *blush*) wallpaper samples from B&Q and cutting them up and applying randomly to the wall with paste. I was a bit unsure to begin with but now I have got the paint colour right I'm very pleased with it.

I also got a lovely new bathroom cabinet off eBay for the bargain sum of £20:

I was going to paint it to shabby chic it right up but it actually is really nice pine IRL (not as orange as it looks in the pic) and matches the loo seat so decided to leave it.

I have some Clarke & Clarke Floral Stripe fabric to make stagecoach valance blinds like the conservatory ones for the windows. I sold the roman blinds that were up (made by my sis before I could sew) for £70 on eBay which bought my new fabric and lots of bits and bobs I need for my outfit for The Wedding.

I have been crocheting too!! I cover for a cat food tin (??!!) to make a vase for silk flowers:

And like many of the lovely ladies whose blogs I follow (must do a blogroll!!) I am doing a Japanese Flower shawl/blanket (depends whether I get bored as to which!!):

So, that is all I have to report for now.
I have a fascinator to make in the next couple of days for The Wedding so may well be back soon with pics of that!!

Thank you for the couple of lovely comments that have spurred me to continue with my blogging!!