Friday, 28 October 2016

The Year So Far....

Partly for my own OCD tendencies I thought a recap of the year so far might be in order? I may do further posts in more depth on certain events or subjects but for now I'll tell you what's been happening chez Shabby Chic Sarah....



January I'm not a fan at all of the period from Boxing Day to around March and so to brighten up the place I added some Cath Kidston Rainbow Rose wallpaper to the kitchen. Mr G once more object to the floral nature of the print until it was up and then (as always 🙄) he liked it!!

February I was brave and flew to Ireland to visit Vicky (my Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World). We've been friend since we were 15. I'm pictured here with her sweet youngest daughter.

March Brought stress. Our 16 years old nephew Alex (my sisters son) had an accident at a skate park and broke his leg, tibia and fibula. This in itself should have been relatively straight forward, however he developed compartment syndrome and for a short frantic time it was touch and go as the toxins spread. As it was he had to have over 50% of the muscle of his lower leg removed because the tissue had died. He now has no feeling from the knee down and may yet go on to lose the leg. He has amazed us with his resilience and strength but of course such a life changing injury has been and continues to be hard.

April Even though we were up and down to hospitals while poor Alex's leg was reconstructed I managed to get a rare haircut. My hair was over halfway down my back but it was straggly and wispy so I had over 6" lopped off. My mother didn't speak to me for three weeks. I Kid You Not.

May This month we welcomed a new member into the family, Aegon is a citrus bearded dragon. Our eldest H asked for a dragon for his birthday and as we had always rather fancied a lizard we obliged. Aegon is a real character and has even somewhat helped H's depression.

June Our youngest, W had his last day of school - how time flies!! Both H and W had birthdays turning 18 and 16.

Mr G and I had a lovely weekend in Somerset and W had his prom at a fancy hotel.

July started with a shock when I received a phone call to say one of my horses, my beloved TC, had died. We rushed to the field we rent hoping the farmer was mistaken but indeed my glorious ginger boy, at the age of 26, had lied down in the field he loved, surrounded by his friends and gone to sleep for the last time. He was my equine soulmate and took a little bit of my heart with him. I stitched a portrait of him as a memorial. 

August I began plans for a kitchen makeover. I love the bespoke, handmade look but without that budget I set about designing what I wanted and commissioning a cabinet maker to revamp and add to our existing kitchen.

I accompanied Mr G up north where we indulged in chips, scraps and gravy (not available in southern chippies), visited my beloved childhood home and then had a picturesque drive across the Peak District before staying in a quirky hotel. The following day whilst Mr G did motorbike related nonsense I went to Burnley to a fabulous, super cheap fabric shop.

I also started riding my other big boy Bobby as I was reminded that our time with our animals is all too short.

September Plans for the kitchen continued and it was my 44th birthday. Mr G and I had another weekend away, this time in Devon and W bought me my first Emma Bridgewater mug - I adore that they still call us Mummy and Daddy (rather than mum and dad you see!!)

October Has seen the start of our home improvements with the laying of real wood flooring to replace the tatty laminate; new marble style Quartz worktops; a fresh new butler sink and vintage taps. We have also had limestone tiles in the kitchen and after a gas leak a brand new Rangemaster induction cooker which I love. The tiler has fitted the tiles and we have had a preview of the lovely oak plate rack the carpenter has made.

Hopefully in the next two weeks it'll all be completed - watch this space?!!

Thanks for reading....

S x

Getting Back Into The World Of Blog....

I place the blame firmly on the doorstep of Instagram.

I think that's when a lot of us amateur (as opposed to the "big" blogs that do it as a career) fell out of love with blogging.

Instagram was so, well, instant.

You could pop up a photo and interact with your online friends in a matter of moments.

You still had a record of what you'd been up to but it was all so much less effort than blogging.

When I started this blog five (yes FIVE!!) years ago I had a laptop. For the last three years or so I have had an iPad and Blogger is still tricky on a tablet - you'd think they'd have sorted it by now TBH.

I'm writing this post via on a new app I've downloaded (I was using Blogsy which was pretty good when it works, but it often plays up and your post that looks perfect in the app is all over the place once posted to your actual blog) so I'm hoping it'll be "the one" to make blogging via iPad as easy as it was on my elderly laptop....

But I thought I might try and blog at least weekly again - will you read if I do?

S x