Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas - Done And Dusted....

Happy New my lovelies!!

Today marks the start of 2015 (the same year Marty McFly went Back To The Future!!) and my only resolution is to blog more regularly as I was definitely rather slack last year.

We had a quiet family Christmas, Mr G has been off since 19th December (the day before our 18th wedding anniversary) and we have had slow lazy days.

The house was all decked up and looking festive and there were a couple of outings to see my niece Little E in nativity and to visit the local garden centre - I have to borrow her these days to get my fix of kiddy things as at ages 16 and 14 H & W are less inclined to humour me!!

On Christmas Day itself I was a lucky girl and opened a navy leather handbag, fab hare lamp, a Bluetooth speaker and lots of stocking fillers from Mr G - and (having started a Microsoft Apprenticeship in November) for the first time H bought me a gift with his own wages, a lovely sewing box covered with roses.

W also popped into Cath Kidston with all his mates (they were on their way to see The Hobbit) and chose me a lovely mug - we have around ten CK mugs but he managed to pick one I didn't have already so I was super impressed!! Apparently, all his mates Mum's got the same mug too!!

I have been busy in the run up to Christmas crafting. I work on at least one project every day and can no longer just sit and do nothing. If I'm watching TV I'm also knitting or stitching too!!

I had a few commissions for my bespoke embroidered house portraits too:

They are very tricky to justice to on camera, I really must get my DSLR out and try and get some proper shots. I have a fair few orders to be getting on with so will try and get better shots of them. I'd like to build my little hobby this year and do one a week or so.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year....


S x