Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bathroom Makeover - Vintage Style....

First off a quick thank you to all of you still reading!!

Now I know that I'm not talking to myself I thought I would tell you about our bathroom makeover.

On first glance there was nothing wrong with the room as it was, it had one of my patchwork wallpaper walls and was pleasant enough....

However, on closer inspection the paintwork was tatty and TBH my taste has moved on from the sweet pastel shabby chic style - what I really like now is a more eclectic, colourful, mismatched, vintage style.

The kind of style that looks like it's taken many years to collect - still definitely shabby chic but mixed with industrial, French and English country.

I was inspired by vintage style bathrooms....

I began to look around for some wallpaper as I had decided that I wanted to paper the whole of the room about the tongue and groove panelling.

This was trickier that it sounds as:

A. I'm picky

B. I have expensive taste

C. With the floor being Cath Kidston floral I had to choose something that went with it

After much umming and ahhing I decided on Cath Kidstons Birds and Roses wallpaper in the green. If you've not seen CK paper in real life do check it out, it has a lovely, hand painted look I've only seen on much more expensive wallpapers....

I wanted a darker blue on the woodwork and had some vintage linens to make faux blinds with.

When I'm deciding on new decor I find it helpful to use a photo collage app to make myself a mood board....

After hearing everyone singing the praises of Valspar paint I had some mixed up in a medium blue. The paint is highly pigmented and nice to work with however, it has not been a good choice for woodwork.

I've always used emulsion on the panelling (it has been a multitude of colours) and never had any trouble but this Valspar is not holding up well at all. In fact I keep the tin under the bath for impromptu touch ups!!

Don't let you put that off the paint for walls though, we have it downstairs in the conservatory and its wearing really well in there. It obviously needed a primer on wood.

I spent a couple of days wallpapering - you may remember I loathe wallpapering but love wallpaper -

it's a conundrum.

This room with all its corners and angles really tried my patience, especially as I ran out with just two drops to go and had to wait several days while another roll arrived!!

So the reveal (apologies for the poor quality, it's just so dark here ATM!!)

I made a couple of faux blinds using vintage tablecloths and completely defied Mr G and painted the side of the roll top pink!!

My StepDad made the shelves and they are filled with various charity shop and car boot finds. The picture is a 1940's advert for Knights Castile soap which is the brand both my Mum and I took into hospital when we had our babies....
Another of my vintage mirrors, I have about 15 now. They have rocketed in price recently but I've never paid more than a few pounds for one.

These are original vintage Palmolive soap ads....

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I wanted it to feel like you were stepping back in time (but with indoor plumbing!!) and I think I achieved that look.

Now if I could just get the boys to stop leaving their pants in the floor it would be perfect!!....


S x


Monday, 25 January 2016

Is Anyone Out There?

I've not blogged in so long I thought I'd ask if anyone is out there still following me before I start up again?
I've done lots of redecorating so would like to tell you all about it, if you're still there?
Post a little comment for me, if you're still reading?

S x