Monday, 1 February 2016

Another Makeover....

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all had a good weekend?

Today I'm going to tell you about my next makeover which was the entranceway.

It's really the hall I guess as you open the front door into it and then there is another door into the lounge but it's so tiny we call it the porch.

Our son H calls it "the airlock" because he says it's like the entrance to a spacecraft, shutting out the outside with a double door before entering the living quarters.

As with the bathroom on first glance it looked OK, but on closer inspection was rather tatty.

It had my trademark patchwork wallpaper made of samples liberated from B&Q....


I wanted to keep a patchwork wall, especially as we have done away with the other ones in the house and I wanted a more vintage feel.

I gave the right had wall a coat of F&B Parma Grey paint.

I had several wallpapers including vintage Sanderson and Laura Ashley as well as three types of Cath Kidston paper and so using my quilting ruler I cut them into 6" squares.

I hate removing wallpaper and so a bit of child labour was employed - our youngest W was paid the princely sum of £10 and he did a stirling job.

I applied the squares using watered down PVA glue - previously I have used regular wallpaper paste, but I didn't have any so PVA it was.

It was one of those projects where you get halfway through and think "what have I done?"!! The edges were being stubborn and one of the papers (a Cath Kidston one) didn't want to stick down at the edges at all!!

I then ran out of glue with about a metre to go and so had to wait until the next day to finish, fortunately everything had dried flat....

The radiator cover was another bargain from the tip £4.00.

The mirror has been "rustically" decoupaged and although it's a bit more shabby than chic I still rather like it

The louvre doors need a little catch to keep them closed. Behind them is "The Cupboard Of Doom" which houses our shoes and coats It's the sort of cupboard whereby no matter how carefully you place your shoes on the top when you come to retrieve them you will only find one (if you're lucky!!)

The amount of times I've had to dig around while cursing is too many too count!!


S x