Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hello, my lovelies!!

Well, my promise to blog more regularly didn't pan out for January did it?!!

I've been quite busy in my cabin making "Homebroideries" (bespoke machine and hand embroidered house portraits) as I had a special offer at the end of December so had a fair few commissions:

I've created a second blog "Homebroideries" - which I can use as a portfolio of my work and has all the details on how to order. I'd love it if you could pop across and follow me over there too? There are lots of of pics of my previous work for you to have a nosey at.

In other news - one of my best friends from school had her third baby, a little boy and so that meant I could give her the cardi I knitted while she was expecting - what a cutie, eh?

I went for cuddles and although he was absolutely gorgeous, I didn't feel broody for once. I think that phase has passed for now!! I love it when they fall asleep on my chest, I must be comfortable as most little babies I cuddle do it!!

Just before Christmas I bought myself a vintage Singer - I wanted one specifically for free motion embroidery as I understood that these old machines are particularly good for that (in fact Poppy Treffry uses them to make here lovely products).

I had Googled and researched and found it was quite tricky to ascertain which Singer was thought to be the best for FME, one forum would say that the 99k was best, another would say the 201k another still would prefer the 221k - and then you'd find info saying completely the opposite.

In the end I opted for the 201k - which in its day (the serial number on mine tells me she was manufactured in 1951) cost six months wages.

She came with her beautiful bent wood case:

I found her on eBay - I noticed she was from where I grew up and it transpired it was an old school friend of mine who was selling her!! We had a lovely catch up and I went away with my lovely machine.

Up at the horses TC got a lovely new rug - when I saw the polka dots I couldn't resist!!:

I went with my Mum and her BFF to see The Russian National Balket perform "Swan Lake" - I'd wanted to see it for a while and it didn't disappoint:

And so I think that's January all caught up with!!

Thanks for reading....


S x