Thursday, 30 January 2014


January is the month I like least (isn't it the month that most of us like the least?) - Christmas is over; it's the middle of winter; the weather is rubbish; pay day is a long time coming due to being paid early in December and we're skint!!

So I'm still in hibernation mode and haven't seen any friends (except one, more about that later) and am just enjoying our little house.

After clearing away the Christmas deccies I managed to hang onto all the fairy lights!! (Have you spotted #1StroppyTeen in the background?!!)

I've been baking cakes at Mr G's request:

And crafting - a couple of cushions:

An embroidery sampler:

And I made myself a nightie out of an old sheet by copying a nightie I have from M&S:

It was perfect to take away with me because in the middle of the month myself and my Mum went to Ireland for a long weekend to visit my BFF and meet her new baby. I think the trip deserves a post of its own so I'll share the pics with you next time.

This week I treated myself to the first daffies of the year (I love spring flowers!!) and added a little doily I found in my vintage linen stash:

It'll be spring before we know it....

Thanks (as always) for reading, my lovelies.


S x