Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hello, my lovelies!!

Well, my promise to blog more regularly didn't pan out for January did it?!!

I've been quite busy in my cabin making "Homebroideries" (bespoke machine and hand embroidered house portraits) as I had a special offer at the end of December so had a fair few commissions:

I've created a second blog "Homebroideries" - which I can use as a portfolio of my work and has all the details on how to order. I'd love it if you could pop across and follow me over there too? There are lots of of pics of my previous work for you to have a nosey at.

In other news - one of my best friends from school had her third baby, a little boy and so that meant I could give her the cardi I knitted while she was expecting - what a cutie, eh?

I went for cuddles and although he was absolutely gorgeous, I didn't feel broody for once. I think that phase has passed for now!! I love it when they fall asleep on my chest, I must be comfortable as most little babies I cuddle do it!!

Just before Christmas I bought myself a vintage Singer - I wanted one specifically for free motion embroidery as I understood that these old machines are particularly good for that (in fact Poppy Treffry uses them to make here lovely products).

I had Googled and researched and found it was quite tricky to ascertain which Singer was thought to be the best for FME, one forum would say that the 99k was best, another would say the 201k another still would prefer the 221k - and then you'd find info saying completely the opposite.

In the end I opted for the 201k - which in its day (the serial number on mine tells me she was manufactured in 1951) cost six months wages.

She came with her beautiful bent wood case:

I found her on eBay - I noticed she was from where I grew up and it transpired it was an old school friend of mine who was selling her!! We had a lovely catch up and I went away with my lovely machine.

Up at the horses TC got a lovely new rug - when I saw the polka dots I couldn't resist!!:

I went with my Mum and her BFF to see The Russian National Balket perform "Swan Lake" - I'd wanted to see it for a while and it didn't disappoint:

And so I think that's January all caught up with!!

Thanks for reading....


S x








Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas - Done And Dusted....

Happy New my lovelies!!

Today marks the start of 2015 (the same year Marty McFly went Back To The Future!!) and my only resolution is to blog more regularly as I was definitely rather slack last year.

We had a quiet family Christmas, Mr G has been off since 19th December (the day before our 18th wedding anniversary) and we have had slow lazy days.

The house was all decked up and looking festive and there were a couple of outings to see my niece Little E in nativity and to visit the local garden centre - I have to borrow her these days to get my fix of kiddy things as at ages 16 and 14 H & W are less inclined to humour me!!

On Christmas Day itself I was a lucky girl and opened a navy leather handbag, fab hare lamp, a Bluetooth speaker and lots of stocking fillers from Mr G - and (having started a Microsoft Apprenticeship in November) for the first time H bought me a gift with his own wages, a lovely sewing box covered with roses.

W also popped into Cath Kidston with all his mates (they were on their way to see The Hobbit) and chose me a lovely mug - we have around ten CK mugs but he managed to pick one I didn't have already so I was super impressed!! Apparently, all his mates Mum's got the same mug too!!

I have been busy in the run up to Christmas crafting. I work on at least one project every day and can no longer just sit and do nothing. If I'm watching TV I'm also knitting or stitching too!!

I had a few commissions for my bespoke embroidered house portraits too:

They are very tricky to justice to on camera, I really must get my DSLR out and try and get some proper shots. I have a fair few orders to be getting on with so will try and get better shots of them. I'd like to build my little hobby this year and do one a week or so.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year....


S x


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Well Hello There!!

Hello my lovelies, are you still there? I've had a little unscheduled break from blogging for one reason or another but have made the time this afternoon to do a little catch up for you. This may be a long one, are you sitting comfortably?

Back at the end of September was my 42nd birthday - there was pressies, we went out for lunch and had family round for a takeaway dinner.

It was pretty low key because the day after Mr G and I were off in our holidays. We had taken ages to decide what to do this year. Our boys at 16yrs and 14yrs are now reluctant to do anything modest and so we're not keen on the proposed holiday to Ireland (to visit my BFF) or France and so when Grandma offered to come and keep an eye on them (in reality all Grandma and Granddad needed was to be cooked for them and ensure no wild parties took place!!) we took them up on the offer.

We were going to go to France to do the flea markets but had a blip with my anxiety a couple of weeks before we were due to go and as such wanted to stay in huge UK.

A good friend let us use her seaside house in Salcombe and it was to be the first time since we had the kids that we had such a long time on our own together - I did travel to Singapore with John one year, but he was working there so we didn't get much "us" time).

The house was a beautiful cottage in the heart of Salcombe:

Nearby was the church and I loved to hear it chime the hour and on Sunday morning we lay in bed listening to the bells ringing:

Salcombe itself is beautiful, arguably one of the most picturesque places we've been in the UK:

By day we explored the area - we had a mooch over Dartmoor:

After much persuading Mr G started growing me a beard!!

We explored the pretty towns:

We went to a vintage fair in Plymouth:

And the National Marine Aquarium:

We had a traditional british "car picnic" at Bigbury-On-Sea and then walked over to Burgh Island (home of a gorgeous Art Deco hotel , a favourite of Agatha Christie):

We drove along a coast road, including a road that was tidal!!:

By night we ate out and had cocktails:

But mostly we stayed in and snuggled in front of the TV with plenty of goodies to eat and just relished having no responsibilities, no one to look after and nowhere to be:

It was bliss, it really was and we returned home with batteries recharged and feeling very loved up!!


S x


Monday, 8 September 2014

Finding That Loving Feeling....

Ever since we had the boys (who are now 16 and 14) we have made sure that we get away for a weekend at least once a year to ensure we have some "us time" and so back in August Mr G and I had a night away.

We booked a little B&B in Henley (which is a couple of hours from home) and off we went arriving in Henley at lunch time.

We had a wander around the shops and found Tudor Antiques - the most tiny, jam-packed but well organised little antique shop we've ever had the pleasure of looking around:

All the jugs were placed together in gleaming rows, all the plates on shelves, enamalware balanced in stacks, copper pans on one shelf and jelly moulds another. An entire floor to ceiling bookcase was crammed with vintage tins which had contained all manner of objects, waiting for someone to take them home and fill once more with treasure. There was even a shelf just for gravy boats.

After a good rummage (whilst being incredibly restrained!!) we bought freshly made sandwiches and headed down to the river to eat:
After which we had fun trying to take the perfect selfie:
We walked back into town admiring the pretty baskets:
That night after a lovely dinner and a film in a tiny cinema we had a restful night in the B&B (which was a garden annexe of the ladies house) and in the morning were served a lovely breakfast - retro style - on a hostess trolley!!

After breakfast we decided to head to Eton and Windsor for a mooch.

Eton and Windsor are the kind of places that couldn't be more English if they tried - the kind of place that would strike a little bit of patriotic pride into the heart of even the most hardened cynic:

We parked in Eton and had a wander in a couple of antique and charity shops - I bought a folding wooden yard stick and a pretty plate and then we wandered over the bridge to Windsor stopping for another selfie along the way:

As we walked along the banks of the Thames we saw the boats and thus decided to partake of a boat trip:

We bought our tickets before hopping on for the 40 minute tour along the sunny water.

There were some a-may-zing houses along the way:

And on the way back we got a view of Windsor Castle in all it's glory:

When we got back in dry land I was eager to feed the multitude of swans, so purchased two bags of swan food and hoped they were hungry.

They were!!

All too soon it was time to head back home to Hampshire - back to the messy house and animals and two stroppy teenagers - but the trip had it's desired effect and we headed back happy and fully loved up!!


S x