Thursday, 24 October 2013

Log Cabin Tales - Interior Ta-Dah!!

The inside of the cabin is all complete and I'm moved in!!

Having shifted all the stuff from my sewing room to the bottom of the garden (in the pouring rain) we have decided that we are never moving house - just that one room was more than enough Thank You Very Much!!

I've been hoping to take some photos with our proper camera, but I've lost the thingummy to download them onto my iPad and so I'm afraid these phone shots will have to do.

Would you like a peek?

This is the right hand side as you come in through the doors - under the window there is going to be Mr G's desk. I've won a lovely vintage dressing table on eBay that fits the bill perfectly. The plan is for Mr G to work out here. All along he said he'd work out here all the time but now he reckons it'll just be when he needs peace (i.e when the boys are off school).

My jars of buttons and trimmings are on my shelves, painted with my own mixed blue shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

We plan to oil the floor eventually but daftly didn't decide that until we moved everything in *rollseyes*

The sofa bed was an eBay bargain (£16!!) - I plan to cover the checked cushions and the footstool. The mirror was £4 from Gumtree. These are getting harder to find at such bargain prices as they are now so popular - another reason I'll be glad when vintage goes out of fashion!!

The suitcases were another eBay find, £10.50 for four of them. I intend to decoupage them in fabric eventually but I love them as they are. They have my larger pieces of fabric in and the top one has my scraps - I was a bit ruthless and threw a lot out for the move.

The pin board I made using an old frame I found in a charity shop, I added stiff foam to the back (from a child's foam floor jigsaw) and covered it in patchwork fabric.

The captains chair was yet another bargain (gotta love eBay!!) - a pair for £13.50.

My desk is my Dads old dining table. I love the fact it's his old table that we always sat at when we visited him. I made a skirt for it using my nieces old curtains and the top is covered in Cath Kidston oilcloth.

The lamp is one of my few new purchases for the cabin - I just love it as it not only looks like the Pixar lamp, but its pink!! And at £20 I thought it was a good price.

The thread rack I made using an old kitchen cupboard door and pink plastic lolly sticks!! I painted and decoupaged it and the Mr G drilled holes for me to add the sticks, secured with a blob of PVA glue.

The stool was from the tip - £4!! Painted in my own mixed pink shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

We don't have the electric connected yet hence the extension lead, we need to run an armoured cable from the house and that should be done soonish.

Of course there has to be fairy lights!! And paper honeycomb spheres....

So, that's the inside, more or less done.

The exterior still needs work as the rain has meant we haven't been able to finish painting it yet, but I'll give you a sneaky peek so you can get the general gist:

It was getting dark so you'll have to excuse the poor photo and wait until its revealed in all its glory once its done!!

Thanks for reading....


S x


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Log Cabin Tales Continued....

It's up!! This weekend we (well Mr G and W, my back is only up to minimal labour so I had a more supervisory role!!) have worked really hard and the cabin is erected!!

The base was only finished late on Friday but we decided it had gone off enough to start and so Saturday was spent laying the foundation beams and the first layer. That took virtually all day as we had to make sure the structure was square and positioned exactly where we wanted it before we added further layers.

The cabin had arrived last week in possibly the biggest parcel we'd ever seen:
After the first layer was complete it was pretty simple and quick to add the layers. Back, front, two sides, repeat....
The windows slid in. The door frame held us up a bit as it had to assembled with virtually no instructions.
Then the gables and roof joists. Our eldest H had to be enlisted to help at this point as I was too short.
Before long it was virtually done!!:
Today the cabin had it's roof insulation & felt and it's first coat of wood preserver, tomorrow it needs a second coat and then the fun bit - making it pretty with paint!! Duck egg blue, of course!!


S x



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Log Cabin Tales - Part V

Today the log cabin was delivered. All very exciting, except for the fact the concrete base is not ready and the weather is looking iffy.

Our builder/friend is a bit, um, relaxed, about a days work and as such things are taking a bit longer than we anticipated. We had hoped to erect the cabin as soon as it arrived but it looks like it'll probably be the weekend before we can make a start. It's a bit like a Grand Design - over budget and behind schedule!!

In the meantime the garden is looking a bit of a mess:

Mr G and W have been doing a bit of the donkey work and over the weekend they broke up the old hard standing (it was way too small). W is being paid an hourly rate - in this photo I think he's supervising!!:

It's all coming along now and the brickwork is looking good. Hopefully tomorrow the concrete will be poured and we'll be on the home straight with the base:

The house currently looks like a junk shop as I've been collecting furniture for the cabin and the boys new bedrooms. I got a sofa bed on eBay for the princely sum of £16 and a pair of wooden captain style chairs for £13. W wanted a sleigh bed and having thought we sold his high sleeper (none paying eBayer) we splashed out on a secondhand one for £60 - that's pretty expensive as far as our furniture goes!!

It evened itself out though - H needed a double and I was delighted to score one on Freegle - vintage 1930's too!! No pictures yet as we have no room!!

In the meantime the sewing room is a big mess as I've mentally moved out!!


S x