Wednesday, 4 January 2017


One of my favourite past times is creating my Homebroideries - custom portraits of homes, wedding venues or other special places.

Working from a photograph I sketch the building out which acts as a "pattern" for the appliqué which I cut from my stash of old, new and recycled fabrics. I iron them onto the backing fabric and then using the needle of my 1965 Singer sewing machine as my pen I draw the the outlines and details of the building.

Then comes my favourite part, embellishing with hand embroidery.

A standard sized house costs £70 and if you would like to see more than check out my Facebook page: 




S x 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! 
How are you all? Did you have a lovely Christmas?
We had a quiet, homely time.
I had begun to feel very festive from mid-November and so the tree went up the last weekend, a bit early even for me!!
We had a little real tree for the first time in years as I found a fab Christmas tree farm only 20 minutes from us so we went and chose a lovely little potted fella who fit nicely on the side table in the conservatory.
As is tradition I gathered foliage from the woods near where we keep the horses. For the first year in ages the holly had loads of berries on and I didn't have to resort to wiring in fake ones when I made my wreath. I don't use a foam base when I make wreaths, I just use a long length of ivy and wind it round and round itself to create the base - so lovely homemade wreath, total cost £0.00.
Naturally we popped to the local garden centre to see the reindeer....
Crafting wise I was working on one of my Homebroideries, this one is one of my favourite so far, it's a wedding venue made using scraps of fabric from the wedding clothese and decorated with beads from the gown. I really enjoyed making this one and luckily the bride loved it.
I also repainted the dresser and chest and hand painted some flowers on the chest inspired by Polish folk art, fitting as my Granddad is Polish....
I also had a trip out to Winchester Christmas market with my youngest W (on the left), my nephew A and my Mum where we enjoyed lovely bratwurst!!
On the 20th December it was our 20th wedding anniversary - the weather was wet and blustery so we had a cosy day in and Mr G treated me to a beautiful Swarovski snowflake to add to my collection....
My sister and I managed to separately buy Mum the same Christmas card!!
And Mr G got into the spirit of things on a dinner out with friends....
Lastly, we had a quiet New Year's Eve at home, with good food, good movies, cocktails and knitting....
Happy New Year!!
S x