Friday, 23 May 2014

Mr Tumble....

Just over two weeks ago, a little after lunch, I was sat opposite Mr G at the dining table painting one of my signs when he took a phone call. It was the school Matron.

All I could make out was "fell down the stairs" and "ambulance" and so as you can imagine I freaked a wee bit!!

It transpired that our youngest W had had a friend jump on him at the top of the stairs, they had tumbled down and the friend had landed on W's foot. Matron said that W couldn't weight bear and so did we want her to call an ambulance or would we collect W to take him to A&E?

Naturally, off we went to fetch him and soon we were at the local hospital and on our way to X-Ray, all of us saying "it'll just be sprained" as although it was painful for W to put weight on it, other than that it didn't really hurt and had minimal bruising and swelling.

So both we and and the medical staff were amazed to discover W had broken four out of five metatarsals!!


Apparently it's quite a spectacular break as usually only one or two bones fracture.

So, W had to have a plaster:

This one is actually his temporary cast, he now has a proper one in purple!!

W had ten days off school while we awaited the appointment for the proper cast and he returned last week. This has been somewhat unsuccessful as despite the school initially saying he could attend all the classes that were on the ground floor they've since changed their minds and are keeping him confined to a corner of huge library on his own due to "health and safety" *rollseyes*.

This means long periods where he has nothing to do as the teachers have not really been very organised at sorting out work for him, despite me telephoning every day to ask them not to leave him with nothing to do.

This morning we attended the fracture clinic to check all was still aligned properly - it is, but W is still not allowed to weight bear. I must confess that after half term I am inclined to keep him home and the teachers can send homework so at least he is not isolated with nothing to do for much of the day.

It's my belief that the main reason they want him in is because it'll skew the attendance figures if he has time off.

Luckily, W is a laid back and happy boy and throughout all this he has been very brave and chirpy.

Although, he's not much impressed that the cast may still be on on his birthday in a months time!!

Thanks for reading....


S x



Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Gotta Love Spring....

Whooops!! I had a bit of an unplanned blogging break there!! I do apologise!! I now have a backlog of things to write about and so my blog may do the "buses" thing!!

Late spring is one of my favourite times of year. The bleak midwinter is over and everything springs forth with life and promise - the weather is warm but not too hot (I don't "do" being hot) and we can get out into the garden and get things done that have been waiting.

When we lost two of our horses last summer we had them cremated and my Stepdad made these lovely wooden planters. Now the weather has improved we finally got around to planting them up.

We added some rocks for drainage, a little soil and then carefully unwrapped each heavy parcel that contained my equine friends - the chalky white ashes were gently tipped in and more soil was added. Then we planted them with roses and bedding plants before adding handpainted signs.

I must confess it was rather emotional and I shed a little tear. I like to think that by giving the roses nutrients their energy will live on.

While we were buying plants we came across a chap in a local village square selling flowering wisteria plants for £15 so we couldn't resist snapping one up.

We have a wisteria growing up the front of the house but unfortunately it didn't flower this year. I think we slipped up by being afraid to cut it back last year and so will have to do that this autumn.

We got some bedding plants, strawberries and a beautiful blue hydrangea to go in our mismatched (I love mismatched!!) pots for the decking as well.

The aquilegia has sprung up all over as it is does:

Even Jasper, one of our two, Tonkinese cats took a moment to enjoy the spring sunshine.

We got a lovely table and chairs for the decking - in candy stripes and so very me!!:

The directors style chairs are very comfy and I've already spent several afternoons out on the decking crocheting and watching Netflix.

Let's hope we are granted a half decent summer!!


S x