Monday, 18 March 2013

Mothers Day & Other Ramblings....

Hello my lovelies!!

We got Mum home (again) in time for Mother's Day!!:

The week before Mother's Day my Mum was taken back into hospital - she was two weeks post her triple bypass surgery - and after they ummed and ahhed for two days (and I insisted on a scan) it was discovered that Mum had a pulmonary embolism (a clot on her lung).

It was first suggested she might be in hospital a while, but after they started her on anti-coagulants they said she could go home.

So on Mother's Day I awoke to a mini Thornton's chocolate selection, the Downton Abbey box set and two lovely cards from my boys:

Harry has added the "my" to the "mum" on his card as I refuse to answer to anything other than Mummy (unless they have friends round and then I'll answer to the shortened version!!)

We trooped down to Mum's to cook Sunday lunch. We bought two of the M&S dine in meals - in fact I had had a "moment" whilst in M&S surrounded by all the Mother's Day merchandise as we could so have lost Mum owing to recent events.

Mr G cooked (he makes a mean roast!!) assisted by my Sis (who is something of a control freak and cannot bear to not interfere if one is cooking in her presence!!)
The tablecloth is almost as old as me, I didn't know Mum still had it!!

On the way home I liberated some twigs from One of Mum's tree and over the next few days turned into an Easter tree:

Crochet bunting & eggs; pom poms and painted eggs....

I've been busy making a quilt for our bed, so had to cut out 300+ squares. In actual fact it was quite therapeutic sat in my newly re-arranged sewing room (must take some pics of the new layout to show) whilst watching Greys Anatomy:

Also for the bedroom we got a new shaggy rug, that Jasper seemed to approve of:

We liked the shaggy rug so much we got a bigger one for downstairs - will have to take a pic of that when its tidy!!

Hope you've all had a good weekend....

S x


  1. What a lovely post and so glad your mum is on the mend.

  2. So glad your Mum's getting better Sarah, looks like you all had a lovely Mother's Day after all.

    Love Claire xxx

  3. How great that you were able to treat your Mum on Mother's day. Love the look of the room - very cosy.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Glad your mummy is on the mend.
    Julie xxxxx

  5. So glad your mother was home with you for mothers day! Thrilled she is on the mend!
    Take care both of you!
    hugs Aly x

  6. So happy to hear your Mom is back home, I hope she is feeling better, nothing like your own bed and a chance to sleep in. The roast dinner looks yummy - makes me think I will make one too! Happy Spring, Patty/BC

  7. Ahhhhhh your mum looks so well. Amazing what she has been through and I can totally understand how you must have felt in M&S, it probably really hit you how lucky you are to still have her.
    LOVE your bedroom. When can I come over and roll on your...ahem.....deep shag.......

  8. I hope your mom has a fast recovery. Such a cute siamese cat, I have a few my self.


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