Friday, 19 July 2013

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Hello my lovelies!!

How are you enjoying this weather? What's the betting it will vanish as soon as the kids break up for the holidays and we'll be back to the usual British "summer"?

I have spent most of the week here:

On my sun lounger by the "pool" - its been too hot to do anything and so the garden and housework has gone to pot while I lay in the shade trying not to melt.

I. Don't. Do. Heat.

A few years ago I went to Singapore with Mr G who was on business and I spent virtually the whole 10 days complaining about the heat. Mr G says I was like the female version of Karl Pilkington.

But I've managed to do a little crafting in the shade - I can't show you yet though as its for a swap.

Ridiculously I have also cast on a winter cardigan for myself, I figured if I didn't start now there's no way it would be finished in time!!

I searched the www high and low for the perfect cardigan - I'm very hot blooded and rarely wear a coat so I wanted something to wear instead. I had a picture of exactly what I wanted in my head, something empire line (since that flatters my ample curves) and long. So after days of searching I picked the closest pattern I could find - this one from from Etsy:

Since it takes 20 balls of wool this could have been a costly project but I managed to get some bargainous yarn - Patons Fusion from Kemps Wool Shop at 79p a ball!! I chose a blue/green mix and its working out in quite wide faded stripes (no pic yet!!)

Now to go off at a tangent....

A couple of weeks ago I had an x-ray as I have been having hip pain and the results show I have "moderate arthritis" in both hips. Of course the "treatment" for this is (once again - it's a doctors go to cure for everything a fatty has!!) to lose weight.

I'm trying. I've managed to lose 11lbs slowly. It's hard. I'm greedy and love food.

My weight does worry me. I am made to feel by society, the media and people around me that as a fat person I am a ticking time bomb.

But dare I say that it is a myth that if you are not losing weight then healthy eating/habits are not benefitting you.

The blog Dances With Fat has an excellent blog post that discusses a study that has shown that healthy habits (not smoking/eating 5 a day/moderate alcohol/exercising regularly) make healthy people REGARDLESS of the persons weight.

The study concludes "Healthy lifestyle habits are associated with a significant decrease in mortality regardless of baseline body mass index."

So, I am trying to focus on making healthy choices which will benefit me and if I lose weight than that is a bonus.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

I'm learning to draw, but that'll take a whole post of its own so I'll love you and leave you....


S x




  1. Thats a lovely alternative to a coat.

    I work in the fat loss industry, for want of a better phrase. I used to be over 15 stone. Its not all about diets it about making long term small changes in the way you eat and think. You keep going the way you are.

    Don't feel too bad about the doctors, I can't be told about weight, I'm slim now, can't be told about exercise, I go the gym, smoking? no never, alcohol? Errr... yes I like a drink.....gotcha!

  2. Rant all you want. I am so tired of image freaks. God made each one of us and we are perfect in His sight. I do not know or care what your weight or size may be. I enjoy reading your posts, you are a caring and lovely lady. I am sorry you are having pain. It is a fact of life, isn't it? Continue to love you life and be content. Regena in TN.


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