Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Look No Pink!!

Hello my lovelies (is there anyone still out there?!!)

I'm starting to go into my hibernation mode. This time of year my anxiety levels crank up and I become even more of a homebody than usual - leaving the house only to go to the stables or do food shopping and preferring to stay tucked up in my little home.

Part of the reason is to avoid nasty germs, my phobia of vomiting is always worse in winter especially when the media crack out their "winter vomiting virus" horror stories (it's only a matter of time - just give them slow news week).

This time I've even hibernated from the internet - my blog has been a bit neglected of late and I've even lost my Instagram mojo and in the last few weeks have barely been on there either (I don't think anyone has noticed!!)

I have been busy playing in my cabin, decorating and crafting though - I have to be making something!!

I had to take this pic as I thought how pretty the cabin looked in the autumn sunshine....
Our youngest son W moved into my ex-sewing room and as he got the smallest room I promised to decorate it first for him. I tried my best to steer him towards something tasteful and not-too-chavvy but the lack of pink or shabby-chicness is taking a bit of getting used to:

It's all so boyish!!

I did manage to insist of a couple of vintage bits - this 1930's gentleman's wardrobe was £16 from eBay - I'm going to paint it so it matches better, it's rather scratched up so I'm happy to paint it.

W wanted a New York poster and so we added another little vintage touch my agreeing on this one - "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper" was taken in 1932 and makes my head swim if I look at it too closely (I don't do heights!!)

W also requested one of my signs, so I made one out of some of the tongue and groove that was left over from the cabin floor:

And I modified a plain black lampshade by using a needle to pierce a skyline into it:

I also made name signs for both the boys doors:

BTW the boys are not named after the royal princes!! H is named after my Granddad & W was the only boys name we really agreed on!!

H got the bigger room and we scored a fab 1930's bed off Freegle and I managed to win a matching wardrobe on eBay for £10:

After Christmas we'll decorate H's room - he doesn't care what we do so I'm going for a hunting lodge type look with off white walls, plaid and tartans and maybe even the odd stags head!!

Thanks for reading....


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  1. So glad you are back as I really enjoy your blog. Hopefully the winter won't be too stressful for you. I always admire how you achieve so much for quite small outlay. Have a resolve to do much the same myself in 2014 ( either that or work full time and I am very attached to my 15hrs a week ��). I may even start blogging again. Have a lovely afternoon, whatever you are doing - Jacqui x

  2. Love that New York wallpaper - his new room looks great! Have missed your blog - welcome back!

  3. Wonderful and I particulaly like the lampshade!
    C'mon though, surely you could have snook in a bit of pink........maybe a pink big apple? Lol!
    Nice to have you back! x

  4. Fabulous makeover! Looking forward to seeing the wardrobe transformation.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I really love the New York decorations. Its quite difficult to decorate boys rooms isnt it? I have two sons and used to rack my brain trying to decide what to do in their rooms. I longed for a daughter so that I could go all pink!! Thankfully I have been able to indulge in pinkness as I now have granddaughters!

  6. Loving the boy styled rooms x

  7. Happy that you are back. I love reading your blog. How lovely that your son wants you to do his room. Mine stopped wanting that at about 9 and I really missed it. Course now he is 42 and still doesn't want my advise on anything. Regena in TN

  8. Lovely to see you back. Love your decorating.
    Julie xxxxx

  9. I have to say that NY lamp is sheer genius!! Will have to put one of those on my mile-long crafty to-do list! Your cabin is gorgeous by the way, you must be so pleased with it.
    BH x

  10. Great to have you back, ive missed your blog. Looking forward to seeing the hunting lodge look. x

  11. I'm still here reading your blog, missing your posts! I pop in and out of IG and like you doubt anyone notices! lol xx

  12. Loving your style and makeovers - you are brilliant - I do follow your blog but don;t have might time to craft

    I so wish you lived near me - you could do a makeover to the inside of my garden studio/cabin - I had the outside repainted but the inside is so old fashioned compared to yours!

  13. Oh lovely Sarah, you certainly have been missed on IG, was wondering where you were, glad you are ok and just hibernating a little. I hibernate too and have not blogged for almost 6 months!!! Just have nothing to write about really, I work 4 full days per week and the odd night too, then I am too tired to voice much but not much happens really.....such a dull life hehe. Your son's room looks fab and what a great idea with the light shade, clever clogs. Your little cabin looks very much at home there. xxx

  14. Just seen your wonderful house in Style at Home magazine (October issue). Love your blog. Much love, Sue


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