Wednesday, 18 December 2013

This Is The Best Part Don't You Think?

The anticipation. The goodwill towards others. Looking forward to gathering your loved ones around you for a wonderful feast. The gifts!!

I just love the run up to Christmas - particularly the week or so before. The preparations are coming together, the groceries have been ordered, (most) of the gifts are sorted - I love the anticipation. In complete contrast though I detest the period from Boxing Day-Spring so I'm trying to savour every second of this next week.

This year Mr G has already finished work until 6th January as he had holiday he needed to use up and so we have a few days to ourselves before the boys break up from school on Thursday.

I've been dividing my afternoons between spending time in my cabin, which has its own little tree:

Or curling up in the conservatory with the candles lit, something festive to watch on the iPad and some crafting.
I love the little traditions we have this time of year - one I've done for ages is to sit down with the Christmas issue of the Radio Times and my highlighter to - highlight my Christmas viewing:
I'm trying to start a new tradition this year and get Mr G and the boys to wear a onesie with me all day Christmas Eve - the plan being for Mr G and I to prep for Christmas Dinner in the morning and then curl up with our festive once-year-indulgent-hot-chocolate (Jersey milk!! Real chocolate!! Cream!! Marshmallow!!) and a movie or two.
W has his onesie which he got a month or so ago and LIVES in. I ordered one for H at the same time but it was out of stock so didn't manage to get one until yesterday.
He point blank REFUSED to even try it on. You should have heard the fuss. It was full on Kevin The Teenager.
Out of principal (and due to his total bad attitude!!) we insisted he try it on at the very least and despite fitting nicely needless to say he won't be wearing it.
I'm still struggling a bit with the transition from being parents to sweet little boys who adore you and think you are the best thing since sliced bread to being the parents of teenagers who don't want anything to do with you and generally just think you're there to make their life difficult....
We had a bit of a tree disaster when the new white tree (which had the flimsiest plastic base) collapsed and broke in heap:
And so we had to dig out the old green tree and put that up - luckily we decided we liked it better:
As always I've been busy crafting - I finished these Edwin Creme wrist warmers for my Sis's birthday (pattern available from Susie Johnson on Ravelry):

I've also been making a fairy - I first tried a simple Tilda style doll but wasn't happy with it so with the power of the internet I taught myself a bit of needle sculpture to make more detailed doll.

It's a LOT easier than it looks. Basically you stuff an egg shaped head and then use a needle and strong thread to make little stitches that pull in the stuffing to form the shape of the eyes/nose/lips. I then painted the eyes using acrylic paints. There are links to loads of tutorials here.

For my little niece E we have got her a life size toy sausage dog. She would LOVE a real one but my Sis doesn't do animals and so when I saw this chap I thought he'd be perfect. He needed a jumper and so whipped one up for him:

I have a few more bits to finish (and start if I'm honest, lol!!) so better get to it!!


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  1. I love the anticipation too! Such excitement : ) Unfortunately it seems to fly by in a blink of an eye. I'm hoping to make the most of it and cram in lots of yummy food, films and everything else festive!

    Gemma x

  2. You are not alone with the teenager thing (how old are yours?). I have one 13 year old son who has this year gone straight into 'Kevin' - he sighed when asked if he'd like to help dress the tree 'do I have to?' and then proceeded to text with one hand and hang a bauble with the other. Only a year ago he was my little boy, as you say, who adored and thought I was his entire world, and now.... well ..... I'm sure my mum is sitting up above laughing as I'm getting my karma for my horrible teenage years lol!!!
    I love your doll (I might have a go at needle sculpting next year, I have a book on it - not surprising as I have a book on most crafts (!) - and your doggie and his jumper is beyond adorable. Merry Christmas, I enjoy reading your blog having discovered it in the magazine you featured in, I hope you have a good blogging 2014!
    Kathryn x

  3. lol - I can relate to the teenager - mine said it "it just wasnt happening this year - but next year he'll be ok" until he heard Wizzard and now he;s feeling it!! Can I ask where you got your toy sausage dog from??

  4. The lead up to your Christmas is looking fab. Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  5. I too hi-light the Christmas magazine! At the risk of showing my age Christmas just isn't Christmas without the Radio Times. Your makes are gorgeous. Merry Christmas.
    Jille x

  6. Ha Ha I've just gone through the NZ Listener, highlighting what I want to see. I love the doll, it really looks amazing, and the dressed dog will be well loved. Merry Christmas, I know teenage boy's can be painfully but they will astound you and turn into lovely young men at about 19/20. You just have to survive the next few years.

  7. Love this first photo!!! so adorable!!!!


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