Friday, 28 October 2016

Getting Back Into The World Of Blog....

I place the blame firmly on the doorstep of Instagram.

I think that's when a lot of us amateur (as opposed to the "big" blogs that do it as a career) fell out of love with blogging.

Instagram was so, well, instant.

You could pop up a photo and interact with your online friends in a matter of moments.

You still had a record of what you'd been up to but it was all so much less effort than blogging.

When I started this blog five (yes FIVE!!) years ago I had a laptop. For the last three years or so I have had an iPad and Blogger is still tricky on a tablet - you'd think they'd have sorted it by now TBH.

I'm writing this post via on a new app I've downloaded (I was using Blogsy which was pretty good when it works, but it often plays up and your post that looks perfect in the app is all over the place once posted to your actual blog) so I'm hoping it'll be "the one" to make blogging via iPad as easy as it was on my elderly laptop....

But I thought I might try and blog at least weekly again - will you read if I do?

S x




  1. It would be lovely to have you back blogging with us again. I look forward to seeing your new kitchen :-)

  2. So glad to hear from you. Have been missing you sorely. Yes, I will most definitely read.

  3. You popped into my head today so delighted to see you blogging again. So yes I will read! ��

  4. Good to see you back in the land of blog. I love Instagram but I still have a big soft spot for my little blog. just not the time to sit and ready everyone elses posts nos. Note to self, must make more time for blog reading x x x

  5. What a year you've had. I've missed your posts and look forward to seeing more. Have you been knitting at all? Merry Christmas from the US.


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