Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sewing Matters....

In my previous post I told you how I recently learned to sew and am completely addicted.

Today I finished a little tea dress I started on Saturday enough to be able to try it on and - I hate it!!

It when together easily and fits fine - it's just frumpy and unflattering!! I thought maybe it was because the skirt was gathered unflatteringly so I took some fabric out of that but it's still not good so I've stuffed it in the back of the cupboard!!

How do you feel when you make something you don't like? I feel as though I have wasted lots of time, but in the same token I learned how to do buttonholes properly (after much trial and error) and it was all good practice.

I might take it out again in a few days and see if I can do anything with it, going to make a frivalous net petticoat now!!

Every girl should have a net petticoat, and even though I mostly live in jeans, joggers and jodhpurs I WANT ONE.

I made a 1950's style dress with a circle skirt that a net petticoat would be perfect with:

Incidentially, the hem is level it's just the camera angle!!

I want to make a petticoat like this:

So I have 10m of white dress net and some satin ribbon to bind the edges and I am going to have a go!!

Will let you know how I get on later....



  1. That polka dot dress, Vintage Butterick pattern? Think I may have the exact same dress pattern waiting for the perfect fabric (and for my diet to end).

    Is it a sod to make, I'm a sewing novice, I can't do hard stuff.


  2. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't just email a reply to your comment at mine? So I'll leave it here since it is all about this dress!

    I'm off to London on Saturday for a late birthday treat and I'll be going to Liberty's. I'm going to buy some lush fabric to make that dress from. So weird that I bought that pattern and then I find you on your blog wearing it!! You should wear it. It's all about confidence! Go for it, bet people will compliment you.

    I'm planning to get to my happy weight and then make it as if I make it now it'll not fit in a few months. Once I get to my goal weight I stay there. It's actually half a stone heavier than my favourite weight but I look ill in the face at that weight and it's really hard to maintain. So I have a happy weight where I feel content with my figure and I can maintain it ok and I don't look ill!!! Diets are bloody hard though aren't they? I've got it cracked now though, taken me my whole life to get on top of it. I'm an emotional eater and I had bulimia as a teen so my head was my downfall. I couldn't stick to a diet. I yo yo'd for years. I did the old losing and gaining the same 3 pounds for years. I don't know how I got the attitude I needed for me to get to goal and stay there. I wish I knew. I think I got so fed up with myself that I went on WW, saw it worked and I bloody stuck to it, come hell or high water till I got to goal. By that time my eating habits and mind seemed to have changed for good. Thank God!!!!! I hope WW works for you. Just stick to it!!



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