Monday, 10 January 2011

A Trip To Blogland....

After becoming a little bit addicted to reading some of the gorgeous blogs written by ladies with the most gorgeous taste for vintage and shabby chic goodies I have been inspired to have a go myself!!

My favourite blog is Posy - her house is FABULOUS!! Jane has the most amazing sense of style and I just love her collection of vintage and ex-charity shop finds.

Something I have in common with Jane is her obsession with Cath Kidston - I am actually rather obsessed!!

I have been collecting CK goodies over the past year and was lucky enough to get a few bits for Christmas including this bag:

I love the print (it's lined in the same fabric as well) - the only drawback is the arms are a fraction short for my bingo wings *blush* - the red print is good for the winter.

I also have this one:

Which has the most comfortable wide strap and is my favourite for spring/summer.

A few weeks ago I re-decorated our bedroom in CK Antique Rose wallpaper
I made most of those cushions myself (including the crochet lace edging on the pillowcases) - Hubby says ten "fancy" cushions are more than enough for any bed!!

I have recently learned to sew after years of considering myself useless at it!! I did Textiles at school (many years ago now!! ) and would spend 45mins of every hour trying to get the machine to work. Snapping thread; tangling; faulty bobbins; broken needles - you name it!!

It was not just the school machines - I believe I give off some kind of electro-magnetic energy field that makes all sewing machines malfunction!!

I have also never been good at other textile crafts but last year I learned to crochet after never being able to crack it and am now hooked (pun intended!!) - I have made baby clothes, cardis and shrugs for myself, a garter for a friend who is to be married:

So, after being banned from making anymore cushions I have started to make clothes!!

I sit in my sewing room - formerly a junk room and somewhere Mr Trebus (you remember? The late octogenarian Polish war veteran hoarder from BBC's "A Life Of Grime") would have been most at home - of an afternoon listening to Radio 4 and sewing away!!

Anyway, that's enough for now - more later....

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  1. hi!
    your cath kidston stuff are so pretty!
    i live in asia and there are no CK stores here but a friend touring UK offered to help me purchase. i pretty much like that day bag which you have! its so pretty!
    in your post, you mentioned that the space where your arm goes through is too short. can i just ask, how big is the space? perhaps what's the height of that space?

    <3, lyn


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