Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mini Makeover....

This weekend we made over a little spot in our (tiny) kitchen that had hitherto been an eyesore.

Ever since I saw Cherry Menlove's gorgeous open white shelves I have hankered after some of my own but the problem was where to put them.

I also really disliked the cooker hood and splashback we had above our range:

We used to have a stainless steel range that matched the hood and splashback, but after that finally gave up the ghost we found this fab Aga-like Leisure range on eBay for the bargain price of £150 and for well over a year I have put up with the mismatch (some kinds of mismatch are NOT good!!)

I got to thinking about what we could do to prettify this area of the kitchen - this involved laying in bed at night hatching all manner of plans - 99% of which are rubbish in the light of day - and decided we should remove the hood (we never use it as its not connected to the outdoors and just "extracts" back into the room) and build some sort of unit or shelves.

Then came the persuasion of Mr G.

It took weeks.

And in the end I had to put my foot down.

So on Saturday I marched him to the wallpaper shop, we chose paper and on our return the hood came down and the paper went up:

Already looking soooooo much better!!

The conversion of Mr G to all things floral, vintage and shabby chic was proved complete when he came up with the idea to paper the back of the plate rack.

On Sunday, off we trotted to B&Q where - following a brief hiatus for a row over fairy lights - we got the material for the shelves.

Mr G got down to one of mans most hated tasks - erecting shelves:

I was beyond excited!! I danced about waiting for the moment when I could fill them with pretty things:

I've ordered new Cath Kidston labels for the flour jars!!
We're sooooo pleased with how they have turned out - Mr G went as far as to say it's his favourite makeover to date - which is high praise indeed considering he was against doing anything in that area.

I still dislike the stainless splashback and will now work on getting Mr G to tile over it - resistance is futile.....


S x



  1. you and your mr work so well together look at that beautiful kitchen xx you pretty things up so well xx

  2. Ooh i love this look, you both did a great job - LOVE IT :) x

  3. Hahaha! I bow to your feminine wiles!!!

    Gorgeous makeover; that rosy wallpaper is too pretty for words. I should simply love shelves like yours but we have units everywhere - perhaps I could take off the doors???

    What was the end result of the fairy light row? They'd look so pretty along your shelves.


  4. That looks BRILL!!! I wouldn't even know how to remove a cooker hood. I love the wallpaper. Where is it from? Cath Kidston?
    Mr G looks handsome, measuring the space for shelves.
    Sarah and I REALLY missed you and Ashley on Monday. We went to the Sea Lane and shared a table with a windsurfer but sadly he seemed to flee sharpish...
    There were loads of kite surfers and we agreed we MUST do it again soon.
    x x x x x

  5. Oh Sarah it's beautiful! I thought it looked nice before, I don't mind a bit of mismatch, but it's really lovely ... well done, both of you xxx

  6. Hi Sarah - yet another gorgeous makeover!! Have you seen the clear glass splashbacks from IKEA (and probably lots of other places) Then you could mix practical with pretty cos you could see that lovely wall paper through it!! I loved Cherry Menloves shelves too - but my kitchen is teeny tiny so no chance!! Well done, J9 x

  7. Love those shelves! Utterly gorge. Isn't your man lovely. Going back to have a nose at everything on the shelves now :)


  8. Kitchen envy over here! You'll have to update us when it's tiled. I do love a good nosy!

  9. What gorgeous wallpaper! Knowing me I'd end up covering it in food, so you're far braver than me!

    You have such a handy husband! If I asked T to put up shelves then they'd probably never come to being, but if they did then they'd most likely fall down. I still have to call for daddy if I need DIY help (or the carpenter who lives next door!)

    Good luck with the splashback. It'll really complete the room. What colour tiles are you thinking of? xx

  10. I've never known anyone quite as proactive as you. You were only talking about getting this done a couple of weekends ago!

    It looks fantasic, well done Big G, and well done you for nagging. I bet you'll keep yours far cleaner than I keep mine. I cleaned mine before Nicki visited last Tuesday and it's covered in greasy dust already!


  11. I have been lurking in the back ground for a while now, just had to pop my head out and tell you how much I love what you have done, it looks fab. I have ordered some lovely fairy lights from the UK, just waiting for them to be delivered.......can't wait to put them up.
    xx Sandi
    (twiggytoes IG)

  12. ooo i love it!!!
    how pretty is that wallpaper.. is that from b&q??
    it looks really pretty with your jars and pretties displayed, a very good makeover and your hubby would defo have earnt brownie points in my eyes!!
    ive been wanting to put shelves up above my cooker for a while but have been worried about the whole grease and cooking malarky getting stuck to everything that would be on the have you found this???


  13. Hi,I have just found your blog,it all looks very pretty just what I like.I love doing little makeovers like you have done it looks so pretty.Look forward to reading more,love Jill xx

  14. Hi Sarah!!
    My name is Sarah as well, and I've just recently found your blog and I absolutely love it :)

    I have a blog as well if you were at all interested in checking it out:

  15. Hi, another newbie here - just stumbled across your blog. I have a redundant cooker hood, like yours it doesn't lead outside and I never switch it on, but I've never thought about removing the thing. It would give me so much space - so thanks for the inspiration!


  16. Love your kitchen makeover especially your shelves and green oven! What a bargain that was! Xx Sophie Hineysuckle


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