Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ooopsy, Vanished There For A Bit....

Hello, my lovelies!! I haven't vanished off the face of the earth, just somewhat lost my blogging mojo a bit. Like many of the other Instagram addicts I've met, the instantness (is that a word?) of IG does mean one is less inclined to blog.

But, I must not neglect my little space on the web and I pledge to post at least once a week from now on.

So, what have I been up to?

On Monday it was Mr G's (41st) birthday and so last weekend we ventured off sans children to Lyncombe Lodge Hotel in Churchill, North Somerset. I had booked it via a KGB deal an it was just £69 for two nights.

We set off on Friday after the children had gone to school and headed to Frome where we had a lovely lunch in the Garden Cafe and a mooch around the shops:

We had a walk up the pretty Catherine's Hill, home to vintage, yarn and fabric shops - I felt bit bad as it was Mr G's birthday weekend yet we kept going in all the kinds of shops I adore. He was very sweet though and insisted I look in every shop I wanted to.

All was not lost though as at the top of the hill we found a model shop so we had a good mooch around that - it was literally floor to ceiling with Airfix kits and as Mr G had loved them as a child there was much tripping down memory lane.

After a lovely little potter we headed off to the hotel which was about a half hour away according to the sat nav.

It was a very scenic drive but as we approached the end of the route the surroundings were getting more and more built up and as the hotel was meant to be in the middle of nowhere I was getting confused. Soon, the sat nav man declared "you have reached your destination" whilst we were in the middle of what appeared to be a council estate!!

"This can't be right" I said and decided to double check the postcode I had entered.



I had put in BA5 instead of BS5 and we were in Bath!!

I entered the correct postcode and it revealed we were now 50 minutes from the hotel!! Mr G took it with very good grace - as always - one of the many things I adore about him is his laidbackness (?) I have memories of my Dad's dreadful rants when Mum cocked up the navigating - he used say "Get the map out" and we'd all cringe!!

So, after another scenic drive we arrived at our hotel, which was indeed, in the middle of woods and very rural:

We checked in and were shown to our room:

My first comment was "Wouldn't the bed look fab with a coat of Annie Sloan paint and some Cath Kidston drapes?"!! Mr G was unimpressed to discover I had packed my knitting on a "dirty weekend"!!

On Saturday we headed into Wells which is such a pretty town, and had a look around the shops. And we ate our way around the market:

We went through an archway at the end to be greeted with a beautiful cathedral:

Look at that sky!! That's with no filter - we were very lucky with the weather....

We took a moment to step inside:

And I lit a candle for my Dad:

After lunch (organic sausages in rolls with onions, yum) we headed off to call in to my dear friend Cuckoo from Tales From Cuckoo Land. I had emailed her for recommendations of places to visit because I knew she lived in the area and when it transpired how close we'd be she invited us to pop in.

I wasn't going to push it with Mr G as it was, again, something for me on his birthday weekend but he was more than happy for us to go over for a cuppa.

We were greeted with open arms - Cuckoo and her family made us feel soooooo welcome. She has the most beautiful warm, homely house and I could have literally spent the whole weekend sat in front of the real fire in Cuckoos sewing room (which is so beautiful I was open-jawed and completely forgot to take a picture).

Cuckoo is another person I have met through blogging whom I feel I have known in a previous life, and I came away with a huge girl crush:

Saturday night Mr G and I ventured out for pizza, I ate way too much and my anxiety induced nausea threatened to get the better of me but with the help of a cheeky Valium I managed to keep it at a manageable level and not spoil the whole evening. We retired to bed to watch Prison Break on Lovefilm - very rock 'n roll.

After we checked out on Snday we headed home via Shepton Mallet as it was the Antique and Collectors Fair (oops that's another thing for me - I will say I kept telling him to Google for motorbike shops or any other boy things he fancied but he said he wasn't fussed).

On Monday (Mr G's actual birthday) we had lunch in our favourite pub

The birthday boy himself....

They do the most amazing homemade pies

Thanks for reading, I've not much else to report but I will do another post shortly to show you my latest crafty doings....


S x



  1. That's the kind of thing I do with the sat nav. haha. At least he was kind about it! :)

    I'm now craving pie and chips! x

  2. What a wonderful weekend away! I bet hubby enjoyed every minute of it! I am sure he also enjoys seeing you in your fave places too. That cathedral is lovely. I must add Wells to my list of must-sees in the UK.

  3. do you know how miss I miss my home town now? I used to live at the top of Catherine hill..........I forgot the model shop. how does it keep going, it's been there since I was a kid!
    so glad you had a great time. love the pic of you and cuckoo! It's cute!
    I haven't seen her sewing room. I am going to try to wangle a visit in the new year, without kids, so I can see her boys, my sunny godson, and catch up!
    Mr g looks so happy, I KNOW what his voice sounds like, just by looking at his pics! Is that weird?

    you still heading here on Mon?

    x x. ps Wells is a tiny CITY, don't you know x x x x

  4. Awww your hubby sounds just like mine, so patient and kind ;)
    Glad you had a great weekend hun!

  5. Ah that sounds like such a lively weekend! I would have said exactly the same about the bed too lol! Xx


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