Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Blonde Bodge Job....

One would like to think that when one reaches the age of 40 one would have learnt that dramatic changes of hair colour at home are Not A Good Idea.

But not me. Oh no, for this was the second bodge job I had inflicted on myself in the last five years.

Until five years ago I was blonde. Then after a set of extremely bad home highlights I had to go dark and I have been variations of that ever since.

I got used to being a brunette, adding a few blonde chunks here and there to hide my grey patch.

Then the grey started to appear elsewhere and not just in the patch and I ended up with an unattractive look indeed:

I decided perhaps it was time to go blonder and was emboldened by the blonde highlights I painted on myself a couple of months ago a dye was selected:

Now, I used to use blonde home dye kits and they never lifted to the colour they promised so I thought I would be ok with the above.

I was inspired by this:

You see, blonde on top with brown underneath? And so I sectioned off the bottom third of my hair (dark brown, no grey) and applied the blonde dye to the top two thirds.

It went yellow almost immediately. But I did not panic, oh no, for ones hair has to go through a myriad of colours before arriving at blonde.

However, despite getting lighter the yellow hue stuck and I ended up with a very brassy head of hair indeed.

Still I did not panic for I had a secret weapon. I had a bottle of purple shampoo for the very treatment of brassy tresses. After two applications of the aforementioned shampoo I was sporting a head of hair ranging in colour from baked bean through custard to pale lilac:

Look at the lilac fringe!!

Look at the sheer crispiness of it!!

I was sorely tempted to rush out and purchase a dark brown to cover it up, but instead after my hairdresser (and friend) declined to sort the mess out again (indeed it was she who had sorted out the previous bodge job) I decided to get it sorted in a salon.

Don't you just hate staring at yourself at the hairdressers?
It was a wee bit nerve wracking as the stylist dried my hair but I am now the shade I wanted:
And after an intensive treatment and cut its not even crispy!!
Fortunately the salon not only did exactly what I wanted it was also very reasonable indeed and I shall now become a regular customer - no more Russian roulette home dye jobs for me!!
S x




  1. ha ha! they used to call me Traffic Lights at school as I'd gone red amber and indeed green, by mistake. I feel your pain but look now!!!! gorgeous!!! Really miss you, can we sort that date out? s x

  2. Aw Sarah, you've really made me laugh! You're very brave sharing all the pics with us ... But it worked out in the end, and is lovely. The sheer crispness bit made me laugh out loud and everyone is looking at me strangely.

    You need a night out now to show off your lovely hairdo!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Oh dear! I don't know why we get it into out heads we can do these things. :) So glad you were able to have a hairdresser get the results you wanted. Your hair looks lovely. How is your Mum now?
    Anne xx

  4. my best friend through secondary school had natural blonde, thick curly hair~ mine seemed so brown, straight and boring, so one eve at 15 year old i brought really light blonde hair dye and perm solution!!!! bad idea!!!! i wouldnt go to school until i sorted it out with help from family!!! hehe...I didnt learn my lesson at that tender age as ive been pink!, Marilyn monroe blonde ( 5 years!), short dodge bobbed hair, bad fringe...then back to safe old straight, boring brown hair! hehe...though i feel more comfortable these days just being natural...though i still wouldnt leave the house without my makeup on tehehehehehee.

    I love your new hair style!!!! such pretty locks! x

  5. hello huni, I cant really take payment for commissions at the moment, but i would except a small gift in swap for a A4 illustration?? let me know what you would like me to draw? x

  6. Hehe!
    I LOVE the lilac fringe!! Made me laugh out loud.
    Oh, but you do look super-gorgeous with your new locks- lovely cut too.
    Looking forward to our next INSTAgrannies meet-up.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Sarah xx

  7. It all turned out well in the end! I love your face in that third photo of you :0) xx

  8. helloooo huni, sorry im having trouble with my email, just to let you know im happy to have a lovely sign~ 'home is where the heart is' are lovely words to put on it- is that ok? or just 'home'...thank you...i will come up with some Rabbity drawings and show you in the next week or so ;0)x


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