Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Already....

Did you have a lovely Easter? We didn't do much, Easter has never really been a big event in our family - we just tend to enjoy the long weekend and eat lots of chocolate. Of course H and W had Easter eggs for breakfast on Sunday as it is the law.

Mr G and I just shared the one egg. We are both on the wagon food-wise. I have been doing Weight Watchers for a month and have managed to lose just over half a stone which I am very happy with - particularly as we have every Saturday as a "day off". This way there is no need to feel deprived as if you fancy something "naughty" there is only a few days to wait and you can have it.

My biggest inspiration is my gorgeous husband - over the last 18mths he has lost about 6 stone:

The picture above was taken about a year into his weight loss - he bought these leathers to "slim into" and in the left hand picture could only just squeeze into them. The picture on the right was taken last week before he went for his very first ride wearing them.

I was meant to do it with him when he started all those months ago but I just couldn't get in the right headspace and spent the year bouncing 3lbs on and off again. However, my Mum's recent heart attack has spurred me on to Get On With It.

If I can lose 7lb per month like I did this month I would be more than happy. My ultimate goal would be to fit in a Cath Kidston dress - their biggest size is a 16 (I am currently a 22/24). I mentioned it to a dear friend and she has kindly offered to buy me a dress when I reach my goal and Mr G says he'll buy me another so that is a good goal to aim for!!

In other news, my BFF announced she is pregnant so naturally I dashed out to choose some yarn and started little cardi:

I also got some pretty woodland animal fabric from eBay:

I'm going to attempt a dress - I haven't made any clothes in ages because I became disheartened with the fact that I disliked the last couple of things I made - I hate spending all that time and effort only to put on the garment and find it makes one look like a ship in full sail!!

I'm going to make this fabric up using a pattern I've used before so hopefully I'll like the finished thing.

It's actually sunny here today!! Still cold though, I am hoping that this extra long winter means we are going to in for a lovely summer - but I shan't hold my breath!!


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  1. Wow…6 stone?! Well done Mr G!! He's done fantastically….As have you. I bet those CK dresses are looking closer with every passing week!

    That fabric is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the dress when it's done.

    Congratulations to your BFF. She'll adore that cardi, and you can guarantee a barrage of compliments when the little darling wears it…passers by love a hand knit on a cute baby.

    Hope you had a fantastic easter…even if your egg collection was rather lacking…


  2. Your Easter wreath is lovely, I wish I had the patience to conquer holding the yarn, it's my nemesis.
    Well done, I envy your willpower with food, I have none, especially as I'm trying to perfect bakes for our stall!
    The little cardi is gorgeous, the blue is my absolute favourite colour. I love your dress fabric too and can't wait to see them both complete X

  3. Hee hee on the dress front!!!! I bet I know who the dear friend is, as she is incredibly generous.
    Well done you on your weight loss love, that is a great achievement.
    See you soon. x x x

  4. Congrats to you both on the weight loss! :) I'm slimming down too, I'm a stone down since Christmas. Sunday is my day off too! ;)
    That cardi is very cute, love the colours.

  5. Good luck on your weight loss journey Sarah ... You're doing great already! Lovely to have 2 Cath dresses to aim for too, the good news is you may not have to wait as long as you think as her sizing is very generous, I'm a 14 but a Cath 12 fits very nicely, thank you! Your hubby is the best inspiration you could have

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Well done Sarah, you will be feeling better and better everyday, as much as it has been a worrying stressful time with your mum, there has been a gift in it all for you xx
    Onwards and upwards.
    xx Sandi

  7. helloooo lovely, sorry its been a rather busy lead up to easter and easter time~ ive had a few upsetting things in the family and also wasnt too well for 4 days. ive drawn a rabbit in pen and hoping to send it first week of the school term ;0)...i'll send you an email for your address xx


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