Monday, 1 April 2013

My New Clogs....

Now, in common with the rest of the population of this island of ours I am thoroughly fed up of this weather. Today is April 1st and it is still bitter out there. I am not least cheesed off because it is way too cold to wear my lovely new clogs:

These are my first ever clogs - purchased via Lotta From Stockholm. I was bored of living in either Uggs or Crocs or flip flops and so decided clogs were the way forward.

They arrived really quickly and are made of lovely tan leather, you can tell they are good quality from the feel of them in your hands.

The style I went for were the low peep toe and as advised on the website I ordered one size smaller than usual. I was a bit concerned that they were too small as when I first put them on the right one (my bigger foot) felt very tight although the wooden foot bed was perfect.

I clomped about in them and after just a couple of minutes they felt a bit better but as I thought I would just call to ask advice.

Lotta herself answered the phone and was super helpful, saying that they will give and if really tight to slip my hands in and tug to stretch the leather a little. She explained that the uppers are stapled really well onto the base and I didn't have to worry about damaging them.

So, I followed her advice and immediately the right clog felt better.

I wore them out to fist my Mum and I *love* them!! I love the style, the fact they make me taller, and most of all the sheer clompy clogginess of them!!

I was concerned the wooden base might feel odd but already it is very comfortable. In fact I've worn them a couple of times now (blimmin' weather!!) and so far the leather has rubbed just a tiny bit on my bigger foot but I find most shoes require a little bit of pain before they are perfect.

My sister (we are chalk and cheese) said "Ewww, they look like granny shoes" which in view of my love of all things granny chic I took as a compliment!!

Of course now I am lusting after the different styles Lotta From Stockholm has, like these Red Braids

Or the Betty clog:
Or indeed the Highwood in brown:
All in all, although I bought the clogs myself and have not been asked to review them I am inspired by the quality, customer service and prices to tell you that I recommend anyone who loves clogs to try Lotta From Stockholm.

Hope you have had a lovely Easter and your body weight in chocolate has been consumed!!


S x



  1. Love the shoes, think I will go and investigate
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. oooh, I really like those beige ones at the nice to eventually be able to at least THINK about wearling sandals and not boots!
    Happy (belated) Easter to you and yours
    BH x

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog. Just felt I had to point out the spelling mistake at the bit where you are talking about wearing the new clogs out. I know it should say 'visit' your mum. All the very best. I hope you don't mind me saying. Vicky. x

  4. Hi, Vicky again. I didn't want that comment to be published by the way. As I said before- I enjoy your blog, you have wonderful style. I hope your Mum is doing well. Love Vicky.x

  5. They look terrific i want to buy a pair so bad (the mary janes), yours are lowheel?


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