Sunday, 26 May 2013

Movie Night....

Saturday night in the Shabby Chic Sarah household is movie night - we like to have something yummy to eat and drink and settle in to watch a movie or two.
Last night it was a horror, Mr G and I love a horror movie - when we were kids we went through virtually every scary film in the video shop (remember videos? The first one I remember had a VHS and a Betamax section it was that long ago!!)

Of course these days you don't even have to leave the house to rent a film with the various places you can instantly stream movies - a concept that would have blown the minds of 15 yr old Sarah and Mr G as we trotted off to Blockbuster!!
As the only girl in the house I more often than night have to sit through boys movies - however I am currently campaigning for the boys to let me watch Les Miserables online, what do you think my chances are?!!
Hope you're all well....
S x

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  1. I think Blockbuster was called Ritz back when I was 15 ...

    I hope you win your campaign for Les Miserables. Tell the men it has fighting in it and see if that helps!


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