Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Magazine Shoot!!

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist who wondered if I might like to have our house featured in a home magazine. It was the second time since I began blogging that I was asked and this time I said yes.

We have spent the last few weeks doing all those jobs that need doing but you never get around to, plus Mr G had the last week off so we could repaint/touch-up/clean like mad and finally we were ready.

Yesterday the photographer Brett Symes and the stylist Jo for Style At Home arrived to spend the day shooting the house.

Unfortunately, I had to be in some of the photos and like many I detest having my photo taken - I delete nine out of ten I take but Brett (who also shoots weddings) very much put me at my ease and it was a relatively painless affair.

The inclusion of my knitting gave me something to do with my hands and soon I was nattering away while Brett took pictures, occasionally asking me to look up at him:

The letter from the magazine had said that the shoot would last a full day, and as our house is a modest semi we couldn't understand how they were possibly take so long. However, we soon realised why as the attention to detail and time taken to set up each shot is phenomenal.

Each shot was styled very carefully by Jo, the composition checked, adjusted and rechecked several times before each shot and after four and a half hours only the downstairs had been completed:

Jo arranging flowers for the dining table shot....
After seeing what goes into these shoots I will certainly view home magazines (which I love!!) differently and will have fun looking at the shots with a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes.
The photos will be in the October issue of Style At Home (out in September) and I'll be sure to remind you nearer the time!!
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  1. This is so marvellous! You must be giddy with excitement to see your home in a magazine! I think I can download the UK version of Style at Home onto my ipad so I look forward to seeing the layout!!

  2. Ooh will definately get that mag. xx

  3. Excited for it to come out Sarah!!

  4. Woah, that IS exciting. You've got a fabulous home. I adore the patchwork chair, you clever thing you. xx

  5. Amazing! how exciting! your house looks lovely! Will keep eye out for magazine :-)

  6. How funny, Brett is a friend of mine! Looks like it will be a great feature, can't wait to see it :) x


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