Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello my lovelies!!

This past week or so has been a week of celebration as H turned 15 on the 17th June:

It amazes me that my baby has gotten so big - time really does fly.

You may notice from the above pictures that the cake is something of a disaster. It was actually one of the worst cakes I've ever made despite it being a Mary Berry recipe and it rising beautifully.

The trouble started when I tried to stack the three layers - the cake was so crumbly it just fell apart and then great hunks got stuck to the palette knife as I tried to ice it. I decided it wouldn't matter as it was bound to taste nice, but in actual fact, after proving impossible to cut (you ended up with a plate of crumbs) it was very dry.

It did become edible when warmed in the microwave and served with ice-cream though, so all was not lost.

Yesterday is was W's thirteenth birthday. So we now have two teenagers in the house, eeeek!!

W had a laptop for his present:

Yesterday afternoon we all went to the cinema to see Man Of Steel - I really enjoyed it not least because of the delectable Mr Cavill - I hadn't been keen to see the movie until I saw a clip on TV from the beginning:

I do like a man with a hairy chest. And a beard.

But I wouldn't say no to the more clean cut version either!!

I've been doing a bit more sketching, this time nudes:

First attempt at hands as you can see!!

I'd like to find an art class to do as I've found that I am really enjoying drawing.

It's not all been fun this week as the 22nd marked the fourth anniversary of my Dad's death :0(


Before I love you and leave you let me give you a heads up on a fab giveaway being hosted by Forties Knitter

- she's giving away tickets to a 1940's Society Night including one nights B&B at The Red Lion at Whittlesford Bridge, Cambridge. Well worth an entry!!


S x



  1. What a week you have had - full of ups and downs! Thinking of you ( and Superman!) : )

  2. Happy birthday to the boys! Yes,Cavill's got a little something something hasn't he?! Did you see him on Graham Norton? The nudes are fab (drawing hands is so hard!). So sorry about your dad. It's tough. We had the first anniversary of my father-in-law last week, so that put a bit of a dampener on father's day.

  3. BIG love re your Dad. And high five for raising two teens! Fab cake!
    Miss you
    xx xx


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