Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Birthday Harry!!

Our first born is 15 years old today:

H has had money for his gift and as such is richer than us (which isn't hard!!) In the box is a selection of junky sweetie treats as otherwise he wouldn't have had anything to open.

This afternoon H and Daddy (love that we're still Mummy & Daddy!!) went to spend a bit of his money on a new hard drive for H's PC and H got a KFC for his lunch. Next week we're going to The Warner Brothers Studios to tour the Harry Potter sets so that's the proper treat.

This afternoon I baked Mary Berry's chocolate obsession cake:

I will regretfully not be showing the finished article as although delicious the cakes have proven unmanageably crumbly and I have had to polyfilla them together with chocolate buttercream. Pretty they ain't!!

Crafty-wise I have been drawing more sketches and after our neighbour gave me a large canvas she was about to take to the tip W requested I do a picture Ezio from Assassins Creed!!:

Despite being a bit out of proportion W was chuffed with it!!

A dear friend got married last Friday (will do a separate post about that) so I have been crocheting a little garter for her:

Whipping up one of my home embroidery portraits as a wedding gift:

I added the address as finishing touch to this one but have blocked it out for privacy hence the grey blob!!

And making both a red petticoat (photo of that to come in next post) and a red anemone fascinator:

We have more celebrations to come next week as our youngest W becomes a teenager on Sunday!!

Hope you're all well, thanks for reading....


S x



  1. I love the fascinator and the garter is super cute :-)

  2. Sarah! Those flowers you made for your hair are gorgeous!! Add those to your sewing business!

  3. You drew that?!?! And the stitched house?!? You are a truly talented artist! When you did your stitched house what material did you use as a base? Its so beautiful, I would really like to try to stitch a doll with a dress for my daughter...
    And Happy Birthday to your guy! Kids grow up way way too fast!
    I can't wait to see photos of your trip to the Harry Potter theme park! !
    I look forward to following your blog more,
    Tammy xx

  4. Glad Harry had a happy birthday (I have a Harry too!)

    Love the fascinator and the picture is fabulous ... what a great present, so personal and unique ...

    Love Claire xxx


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