Monday, 16 September 2013

Home Tour - Part III

And so today in part 3 if our home tour we venture upstairs. To your left you have my sewing room:

This table belonged to my Dad so I'm glad to reuse it, but if course it had to be prettied up with some Cath Kidston oilcloth and a skirt to hide all the crap that's hidden underneath!!

The chair was £3.50 (eBay!!) and I covered it with Ikea's Rosali fabric. The high shelf is a DVD shelf painted with chalk paint (what else?!!) and turned in it's side.

The pin board is made with a sheet of polystyrene insulation board which cost £6 from Wickes which was covered in some CK fabric and then stuck to the wall with No More Nails. Baskets from Ikea.

Not pictured are an assortment of mismatched pieces of furniture on the other sides of the room that house my stash and other goodies - I don't actually have any decent photos though I do have an Instagram shot of Dolly - my duct tape dress form!!

Next to the sewing room is the room that started it all. Mr G first consented to allow me to shabby chic up our bedroom and since then it has gradually spilled out around the rest of the house.

The wallpaper is Cath Kidston Antique Rose; the gilt mirror was from the tip and the little floral pictures were from a car boot sale as was the crystal lampshade. My Stepdad made me the pelmet and I painted it in my own mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I made all the cushions, crocheted the lace trim around the pillows and covered the lampshades.

The drawers are yet another of my sister's cast offs as are the French style chair and the shelves. I keep meaning to recover that chair and have been making English paper pieced hexagons to reupholstered it in.

Next to our room is H and W's room - as this is the room of two teenagers I will discreetly avoid it as it's Not Pretty. Lol!!

A few years ago we splashed out and changed the beige bathroom suite for a roll top bath which we love. We are all bath people in our house and very rarely use the shower - this huge bath is just lovely to have a soak in.
The floor tiles are Cath Kidston and were a bit of an extravagance - but I figure when we are being so thrifty elsewhere we can afford a little indulgence now and again.

Here we have another of my patchwork walls - it's a cheap way to add colour and is especially good for the indecisive of us!!

My Stepdad made the shelves for me and these were the first thing I painted with ASCP - they are filled with an assortment of knack-knacks collected from boot sales. The dolphin doesn't really fit but Mr G bought it for his Grandma when he was a little boy and so it deserves pride of place.

The "vase" is a cat food tin with a crocheted cover!!

I've neatly skirted around the unattractive 1970's staircase that I don't know what to do with but I will share this Instagram shot of my vintage mirror collection which resides on the stair walls:

So that's our little cosy home. It's taken several years to get it how we want it and the turning point with it was when I learned to sew/crochet/paint furniture because it meant I could make all the finishing touches that can cost such a lot of money.

Today we visited my sister's lovely brand new home and she said to me "You like twee" - I wasn't quite sure that was a compliment and so I looked up the definition of the word - it means "sentimental, pretty and sweet" and so I think you can definitely say that I like twee. And I'm not ashamed to admit it....

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All photos (except Instagram shots) courtesy from Brett Charles Photography....



  1. Loved your tour - lots of hard work but so much inspiration - thank you :)

  2. I found your blog after reading the magazine article about your home. I love your style and have quite a few similar items in my own home. I was so engrossed I've spent the day reading your older posts instead of ironing:) Keep doing what you are doing. Have a lovely evening - Jacqui

  3. Flipping lush. Ohhhhh it looks so pretty. Mum and said loved reading your mag feature.
    See you soon beauty, ya get me new email?
    x x x

  4. Gorgeous, I so wish I had my own home to pretty up the way I want, you have done yourself proud xx


  5. Sarah you are so creative. Every inch of your amazing home has been thought through and styled. The pastel colours and florals make it a very welcoming place. I love all your mirrors too - mirrors can complete and totally transform a space. Love the DVD shelf that you've painted and turned on its side - very innovative. Thanks for sharing your home :O)

  6. Oh, your rooms are gorgeous! I couldn't stop going back to your sewing room pics though, because OMG…Spock dog!! I LOVE him!! :D

  7. Love your rooms! Not sure my husband would like our house to be as pretty! You are very clever and your sewing room is gorgeous, with so many great ideas. I'll certainly be visiting the rest of your blog.x


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