Friday, 20 September 2013

Log Cabin Tales - Part Two....

So after what seems like an a-g-e of inaction (which has in fact only been about ten days) today things started to move with the cabin in that we had the tree surgeons out today to remove the dead trees at the bottom of the garden.

It's sad really, this tree was about three times that tall and had two friends, but sadly they have died of (ash dieback we think) - one of the things that "sold" this house to us was the mature trees. However, they would just have become dangerous and so needed to be removed before work starts on the base for the cabin.

Our friends R and O share the horses and my field and as O works for a tree surgeon we naturally had the company he works for in to remove them - Adam Gibson Tree Care.

They did a fantastic job and ably assisted by Mr G (who I thought looked rather sexy in his hard hat and steel toe-capped boots!!) within a few hours had the trees gone.

And so the area is clear for the base to be started (which is supposed to be happening today).

These two areas of existing hard standing are going to have to be broken up, a retaining wall built and back filled and then the concrete laid.

Whilst waiting for work to start I have been busy collecting pictures on Pinterest:



I got my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint out this week and made a sign for the cabin:

Before I sign off I must just show you this I came across - it did make me chuckle (particularly as Mr G is called John!!):

Just change "gazebo" for "cabin" and that'll be it....


S x



  1. Sounds a very exciting project.

  2. Can't wait to see it!
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Just discovered your blog after seeing your house in the magazine..Love the idea of a cabin in the garden..we used to have a summer house and used it massively ( I still miss it!) Look forward to seeing how it all goes..Sue

  4. I bet you're so excited - I know I would be. I really love the sign you made. x x


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