Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Log Cabin Tales - Part V

Today the log cabin was delivered. All very exciting, except for the fact the concrete base is not ready and the weather is looking iffy.

Our builder/friend is a bit, um, relaxed, about a days work and as such things are taking a bit longer than we anticipated. We had hoped to erect the cabin as soon as it arrived but it looks like it'll probably be the weekend before we can make a start. It's a bit like a Grand Design - over budget and behind schedule!!

In the meantime the garden is looking a bit of a mess:

Mr G and W have been doing a bit of the donkey work and over the weekend they broke up the old hard standing (it was way too small). W is being paid an hourly rate - in this photo I think he's supervising!!:

It's all coming along now and the brickwork is looking good. Hopefully tomorrow the concrete will be poured and we'll be on the home straight with the base:

The house currently looks like a junk shop as I've been collecting furniture for the cabin and the boys new bedrooms. I got a sofa bed on eBay for the princely sum of £16 and a pair of wooden captain style chairs for £13. W wanted a sleigh bed and having thought we sold his high sleeper (none paying eBayer) we splashed out on a secondhand one for £60 - that's pretty expensive as far as our furniture goes!!

It evened itself out though - H needed a double and I was delighted to score one on Freegle - vintage 1930's too!! No pictures yet as we have no room!!

In the meantime the sewing room is a big mess as I've mentally moved out!!


S x



  1. It's great to see things happening in your back yard, a cabin will be very exciting. I'm very interested in your progress because we are having something similar happening in our back yard too.
    Anne xx

  2. exciting times lover! can't wait to see it all completed! see you tues, are you getting train again? if so can fetch ya x x


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