Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Log Cabin Tales Continued....

It's up!! This weekend we (well Mr G and W, my back is only up to minimal labour so I had a more supervisory role!!) have worked really hard and the cabin is erected!!

The base was only finished late on Friday but we decided it had gone off enough to start and so Saturday was spent laying the foundation beams and the first layer. That took virtually all day as we had to make sure the structure was square and positioned exactly where we wanted it before we added further layers.

The cabin had arrived last week in possibly the biggest parcel we'd ever seen:
After the first layer was complete it was pretty simple and quick to add the layers. Back, front, two sides, repeat....
The windows slid in. The door frame held us up a bit as it had to assembled with virtually no instructions.
Then the gables and roof joists. Our eldest H had to be enlisted to help at this point as I was too short.
Before long it was virtually done!!:
Today the cabin had it's roof insulation & felt and it's first coat of wood preserver, tomorrow it needs a second coat and then the fun bit - making it pretty with paint!! Duck egg blue, of course!!


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