Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bed - My Favourite Place....

Did you know you spend a third of your life sleeping?

My family would probably say that in my case it is more like half as I do like a good snooze. An afternoon nap is one of my favourite things.

I sometimes curl up on my bed with the intention of having five minutes alone and a game of Candy Crush when the next thing I know one, other or both of the cats has curled up next to my face and their gentle purring has made my eyelids heavy....

I started having a nap when the boys were babies - instead of ignoring the age old and oft repeated advice "sleep when the baby does" it became my motto (though I did once put the youngest down for a nap, fell asleep myself, W didn't wake up after his usual couple of hours and we were half hour late picking up the eldest from infant school - he was crying in the school office, I considered reporting myself to the NSPCC!!)

I still love my bed. I love bedding. Some women have a thing for shoes, I have a thing for duvet covers.

I have lots. I am a bit like The Princess And The Pea as they must be 100% cotton, no poly cotton for me thank you very much.

Give me crisp white or pastel cotton. A floral print. Hand embroidered pillowcases. A vintage eiderdown and a fleecy blanket. Pouffey feather pillows and duvets....

For Christmas I got a lovely, cosy brushed cotton set from my Sister - exactly like the vintage ones of yesteryear (in fact I keep spotting the same pillowcases on "Call The Midwife"!!):

My bed is lovely too, it's an off white vintage style bedstead and I hesitate to say it but it is one of my favourite places:

We used to have a black one but when I redecorated with the Cath Kidston paper and pastels in the above photo I found the black just a bit jarring and so I decided that a white bed was the way forward and we treated ourselves to a new one. It looks so much better, see?:

I definitely think that white beds are much better suited for the shabby chic vintage style home and there are some lovely ones available:

Traditional bedstead very similar to mine

Ornate white metal bedstead


Day bed style with useful trundle under

I do love a bedstead but if I had a little girl I would have gone for a day bed style I think like the last picture.

We currently need a new mattress, the one we have is over 13 years old and rather sorry for itself. You can feel the springs and there is an odd hump in the middle. So that is the next thing on the agenda I think.

Many thanks for reading....


S x

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  1. Although i'm trying to be more "go get em!" i have to admit, i am such a sleepyhead! Even my blog name refers to it! What is it about cosy cotton and afternoon naps that we are so attracted to? It's sometimes nice to just escape stresses and worries for a wee while i suppose...nah, it's just lovely and toasty in there! :P

    emma x

  2. Theres nothing like the comfort of your own bed is there? I love to go away travelling but cant wait to get back to snuggle down under my own lovely duvet in my cosy bedroom.

  3. Ha......not just me then ?! I pop upstairs with the best of intentions, tidy, straighten, washing away, bathrooms wizzed over.....but I often think..... I`ll just have 5 mins.......and I slip under the covers if its a little chilly.....pusscats join me......and there I lie, watching the clouds roll by and the ever changing sky and before I know it I`m having 40 winks !

  4. I'm a bedaholic too, but your room is gorgeous. Something to aspire to, somehow by accident not design my room, note not our room, is becoming very Shabby French, or that's what I've told the husband. I actually used the word "French boudoir" and the husband said it was a good idea............not quite what he imagined though.

  5. We had a black iron bed with Cath Kidston antique rose paper and I agree it does'nt sit very well. So we changed our bed aswell (then the wardrobes..then he dressing table..oops!) love the posts you do, best wishes Sue

  6. To the ladies of the generation before me having a snooze in the afternoon was frowned upon and the participant considered 'lazy'. The one exception seemed to be Sunday afternoon after a roast lunch and as a young girl I hated it we had to creep around the house, it seemed boring to me a very active all round athlete and netballer.
    My goodness how things change when you become the adult, when my children were in there teens life was very busy and Sunday was the only day for relaxing except we had church in the morning and evening so Sunday afternoon after a roast lunch I followed my elders example and oh did I enjoy it.:)
    Now when I need a nap I have one and I don't feel guilty because I usually do need it, I'm married to a man who can fall asleep on a 5p piece. He gets up early works very hard at his job from which he's taken flexi retirement and works Mon-Wed, it's a running joke amongst his friends he's no company on long journeys to climbing holidays because within 5 mls he's asleep lol. My thoughts on it are if you're running a household or working and you feel the need to nap then you must need it.
    You are right the white bed frame does look better with your decor which is beautiful! When we needed a new bed a few yrs ago instead of a divan I opted for a white bed with wooden headboard and bottom board it was in the sale at Dreams for £199.99 a 2/3's off I have health problems including arthritis so opted for a good mattress it was a lot of money BUT is the most comfortable mattress I've ever laid on and the cost was a lot cheaper than a complete divan.

    Your home is absolutely beautiful, warm and welcoming, I first saw your previous sewing room on pin it and fell in love, last night I found your blog. You've worked hard and have put your heart into it and it shows. I could go on but you and everyone else have probably read enough of my ramblings lol.

    Peg xx

  7. What a beautiful bedroom! And don't get me started on those adorable covers! They look very comfortable! But that 13 year-old mattress definitely needs to go! I hope you find one that's comfortable and back-friendly!

    Roberta @ Glendale Mattress Central

  8. I love your lovely blog
    I love England (I spent two years in London when i Was young 22 years ago)
    have a nice day Sarah
    Sylvie from France

  9. I love your bed, Sarah! I think it’s very chic and stylish. It’s dreamy and I think it would be lovely to sleep on it. I do agree with you, though. Being a mom is hard that they need all the sleep that they can get. Isn't it ironic that we used to hate taking naps when we were kids, but now we would give everything just to take one. Haha! :D

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store


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