Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Biggest Sewing Project Yet - A Ta Dah!!

As soon as I learned to quilt I knew I wanted to make a king size quilt for our bed. I was a little daunted with the size of the task and so it's little wonder that this Ta Dah has been a year (or more?) in coming:

I began by starting to collect half metres of fabrics I liked. Lots of Cath Kidston-esque prints from Sew La La (she has a lovely selection of really well priced cotton prints) and a smattering of Tanya Whelan and Tilda:

After lovingly gazing at my growing stash for a few weeks I began to cut the squares. I wanted just simple 6" squares to let the prints do the talking. 324 of them in all.

I spent many afternoons sewing them into nine square blocks and after I had done that I ran out of steam and shelved the project for a good few months!!

A few weeks ago I came back to it - I had decided early on to use the quilt-as-you-go method, I really hate the quilting part mostly because it's just so tricky to manage anything other than a pretty small quilt with a domestic sewing machine.

I used white sheets cut into squares for the backing - sandwiching cotton batting between each nine patch and plain white square. I then quilted each 6" square on the block 1/4" in from the seam. Thirty six blocks took me several happy afternoons in the cabin.

(My industriousness was halted temporarily when I decided I needed to get my sewing machine serviced - I was spending the same about of time detangling and retreading as quilting and so I contacted the manufacturer Silver Viscount and they advised me that they could service it.

They provided a fab service, collecting, servicing and delivering my machine for £50 and taking less than a week. After it's service my machine is running much better).

There are a couple of ways to quilt-as-you-go - I used this method. I used very narrow sashing and trimmed the seam allowance to match and so there are no gaps without batting or ridges and you really wouldn't know it hadn't been quilted all in one go.

One of the other advantages of this method is you can buy your batting as you go. I wanted cotton batting and it cost £60 but because I bought it a couple of metres at a time I hardly noticed the outlay.

An evening and afternoon saw the binding hand sewn on and then it was All Done!!

I decided with all the patterns on the quilt then something a bit more plain was in order so at the weekend I made a couple of raspberry cushions to replace the floral ones we had:

It's had a wash and I haven't pressed it as I like the crinkly, vintagey look (the big creases will drop out in a few days).

All in all I'm very pleased with it though will be waiting awhile before accepting any "orders" from certain members of the family!!


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  1. Hi Sarah, your quilt look s beautiful. Your efforts have most definitely paid off! I wish I had your stamina to complete something like that, but patience isn't my virtue sadly!

    I hope you are well.

    Take care

    Vanessa x

  2. I just commented but it vanished! anyway it said your quilt is beautiful, well done you! I am just embarking on my second quilting project so appreciated the tips, thanks! xx

  3. I love it!!!!!!!!! It is gorgeous, well done on completing an amazing quilt, it is lovely. Sue xxxxxx

  4. a triumph Sarah. Tell me di you hand sew all the sashing???

  5. Hey Sarah! Rosie here. Hope I'm not being THAT annoying, but I just wanna say "Hey", as I miss you - We all do! Text me on Skype, yeah?
    Rosie x

  6. It's very pretty and you are very talented. Well done for sticking with it and turning your WIP into a Tah-Dah moment! I have a couple of large crochet blankets on the go and I really shouldn't have started the 2nd one until I'd finished the 1st - will I ever finish them...
    Give yourself a gold star *

  7. p.s. Any news on your recent Giveaway? I've been keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that I'll be the lucky winner!

  8. It's really lovely Sarah and I love the fabrics you've used. The quilt will give you a sense of satisfaction and joy for many years to come. x Tracey

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  10. Sarah its gorgeous. You have made a beautiful job of it.

  11. Sarah it looks beautiful, I love the colours you've used they complement each other. I hadn't thought of QAYG on a large quilt but it makes sense and I'll check the link out thank you. My daughter would be stealing those cushions if she could they're lovely. I've tried several times to pits but I'm on my ipad and my comments usually disappear so apologies if you get more than one comment. Just delete the surplus :)

    Peg x

  12. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous - I really like your choice of fabrics. A king sized quilt is not a quick make is it? I think you did a fabulous job. Quilting is on my to do list. Buying your fabric here and there is a very good idea as fabric can be very expensive.


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