Friday, 28 March 2014

Singing Kitty!!

As you may remember we have two lovely Tonkinese boys:

Tonkinese are a breed in their own right though they started off as a Siamese/Burmese cross. They have huge personalities and naturally as lovers of such characters we are suckers for all things feline.

One of my favourite adverts at the moment is the one for Three with the fab singing cat Bronte who sits in her little owners bicycle basket belting out "We Built this City On Rock And Roll":

I was delighted when I was asked to review an iPhone 5S case resplendent with Bronte's cute face:

The case is really nice quality, fits my phone perfectly and does not interfere with the signal - I had an issue with my old case causing the signal to drop out - I've had much better coverage since swapping to my new case.

If you haven't seen Bronte doing her thing you can check her out at #SingItKitty

Do beware though, every time I see the ad I can't stop singing "We Built This City" for a week #earworm!!


S x

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  1. I have a Tonkinese too, she's called Scooby (long story but for the first month we thought she was a boy and by the time we found out the name had stuck) She looks just like the front one of your boys. I love them but then I love cats in general, I have 7 :-)

  2. Sarah, that was darling!!! Kitty was so cute...Every detail was so cute. Loved the English cottages, pink bike, strip tights, wellies, etc.
    Thanks for sharing. I found it on youtube. The links didn't like my US ip address. So glad I didn't have to wait for my kids to wake up and hack it like they did so we could watch Sherlock before it aired in the US. Love your blog and have been following for a while.

  3. Never knew these cats are so beautiful!Thanks for sharing!


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