Monday, 7 April 2014


Hello my lovelies!! I hope you have all had a fab weekend?

Mr G has this week off as we are laying some decking in front of the cabin (or Shedquarters as I have taken to calling it lately) and so we have had a pretty lazy weekend before getting stuck in this week.

So what have I been up to lately?

Last weekend was Mothers Day and so I put my feet up while Mr G cooked one of his mean roasts (he really is a very good cook these days):

My Mum and Sis joined us for lunch - Mr G's parents would usually have come too but they were away on holiday.

The boys got me a couple of lovely cards, despite them being teenagers I still insist upon being called "Mummy" - that's what I started as and I don't see why I should change my name!! Although I do let them call me "Mum" around their friends:

They also bought me a super cute bag:

How fab is that?

I made my Mum and little niece a Tilda elephant each:

I've made five of these now and I'm particularly pleased with how these two turned out - the fabric is a kind of single sided micro fleece and it worked really well.

I've tried dressmaking again, I actually took it up the week before it started but The Great British Sewing Bee has kept me inspired.

As I love to wear jersey most I've stuck to knits so far and signed up to a class - "Plus Size Pattern Fitting And Design" over on Craftsy and am at last beginning to understand how to adjust commercial patterns to fit me better.

A heads up - if you join Craftsy they will offer you a choice of discounted classes, mine was less than half price!!

This is Butterick 5794 - next time I make it I'll add a bit more width to the skirt I think:

I used clear elastic tape and my twin needle on the neckline and it turned out lovely and flat:

I've got a couple more patterns and jersey to make up so will keep you posted.

Finally, last week I went to visit my dear friend Gem from Treasures From The Cherry Tree, we were joined by Sarah from Annaboo's House and we had a lovely girly day of nattering, baby cuddles and gorgeous food.

Naturally, there was the obligatory selfie!!:

So, that's all I have to report for now - hopefully I'll be back later in the week with photos of the decking!!


S x



  1. I loved the first picture as I am sitting at my dining room table which wears the same Kath Kidston tablecloth that you have! And I love the picture of you and your cat as it reminds me of our Siamese, Duchess, who died in 1999 at 18 and a half years old.

  2. Hi Sarah, your top is beautiful and the colour really suits you. x

  3. The gifts are great, keep your boys close as long as you can because suddenly they grow up.:)

    The dress top loos lovely and fits really well, I can't remember the last time I stitched with jersey fabric but I do like how it hangs on you. Sometimes a fabric can cling and it drives me crazy. It will be nice seeing what you make next.

    Peg x

  4. Love the dress, and the elephants. Looks like you have the most wonderful mothering sunday
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Sarah you have got a lovely home! I adore those elephants and your dress. The material is gorgeous and you have made a great job of the dress.Its great to meet other bloggers isnt it?


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