Friday, 20 June 2014

Harry's Room Make Over!!....

Back in October when we moved my sewing room out of the third bedroom into the newly built cabin the boys tossed a coin to decide who would have the bigger room.

The deal was that the person who got the much smaller room would get it decorated first and the bigger room would have to wait until after Christmas.

H got the big room, but it wasn't until last week we finally got around to decorating the room for him.

H really didn't care how I decorated (as long as it wasn't Cath Kidston, I rather fancied the CK cowboy) and so I kind of went for a hunting lodge type theme which I thought would go well with the vintage 1930's bed (Freegle) and wardrobe (£10 eBay).

As per much of the rest of the house we painted the walls an off white.

I had ummed and ahhhed about whether to wallpaper the wall behind the bed but when asked if I would like to review one of their wall decals I decided that would be perfect.

There are some lovely ones on the website and I went for the stags head personalised with our surname. You could choose from numerous colours so as I had the duvet cover with red tartan reverse in mind I went for a deep red.

After the paint had dried Mr G helped me affix it to the wall, which was much simpler than we thought - I'd previously bought a very cheap quote from eBay and that was really tricky to apply - not so with the Wallstickers decal which was much better behaved!!

Rub out any bubbles with a bank card
Peel off the backing
Adding the personalisation

Ta Dah!!

H is very pleased with his room, not least because we have for the first time allowed him to have his PC in his room, at 16 it's time to allow him his own space, we thought.

I'd thoroughly recommend the Wallstickers, they are a high quality, reasonably priced way to add a bit of wow to a room.


S x

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  1. The room looks fabulous.
    Anne xx

  2. Harry's room looks great and I think the hunting lodge theme really works, loving the stags. Where did you get such a lovely quilt cover? I bet his brother can't wait to get his room decorated now. X

  3. Its brilliant Sarah and has a very grown up feel. I bet he's really pleased with that.

  4. Yes that quilt cover is lovely!

  5. Now that is a fab room theme for a boy! Love it, well done the pair of you. Is Mr G posing in some? He looks like he is trying to stifle a grin in some, ha ha!
    miss you sweet cheeks x x x


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