Friday, 4 July 2014

Birthday Boys....

June sees the birthdays of both our boys so it's always been a somewhat hectic (and expensive!!) month. This year both boys were content to have low key treats and a bit of extra cash instead as they were both after PCs/upgrades.

H turned 16 on the 17th and he had three of his friends round for a sleepover in my cabin (!!!!) - needless to say they all had a strict talking to about keeping the place tidy/not wrecking anything and I'm pleased to say they all behaved impeccably!!:

Naturally, there was cake:

Incidentally, H's last day of school was just a few days earlier:

First and last day of school....

We can't believe H has left school. Personally, it seems like only five minutes since I left school. I still can't believe *I'm* the grown-up!!

On the 23rd June W was 14 - he wanted a PC and so using the bits cast off due to H's upgrade of his and a fair few new parts, that's what he got. We said he too could have friends over but he settled on just his best friend for dinner. He said he wanted it to be "just us" - he takes after his Grandpa Joe (my Dad) there....

When I asked what kind of cake he wanted I was chuffed when he said "a hedgehog" (though I suspect he was humouring me!!) as that's what I always had when I was little.

However, W's hedgehog did end up looking a bit more like road kill due to a shortage of icing and a hot day making spreading it an arduous task!! Still he tasted nice:

Coconut grass!!
So both boys are now well into their teenage years. With many of my friends either a bit (or a lot) younger than me and with their children very much little ones I'm beginning to feel a bit left out - even my two oldest school friends still have tinies.
Still, I think the broodiness is still being kept at bay. I'm enjoying having time to myself and also lots of time with Mr G as a couple.
Although, that's doesn't stop me yearning occasionally for a soft, enthusiastic toddler cuddle....
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  1. Happy Birthday to your boys x

  2. Happy birthday to your sons (one of their birthday's is day day as my husband 23rd) Where do the years go..... they grow up far too fast. I am now looking forward to my grand-daughters 5th birthday!

  3. Thanks for sharing this sweet post. I had a graduate this year as well. So bitter sweet. Love your cakes. So fun and creative!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to those two young lads of yours.
    Anne xx


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