Friday, 29 August 2014

Sofa, Sogood!

It's a running joke in our family that Mr G and I have never bought a sofa new. We always have family cast offs. In the 19 years we have lived together we have had three sofas/suites from my sister and two from my Mum.

Luckily, my Mum has a "thing" about her sitting room furniture. She has had four sets in about ten years. I kid you not. Mum always orders her furniture from SofaSofa and so when their brochure drops through the letterbox, it quite often heralds a change!!

When she first changed her sitting room we took on her classic Sienna brown 2 & 3 leather sofas (which in fact are so classic they still sell them):

These sofas (like all settees from SofaSofa) are very well made and sturdy and have taken almost ten years of hard use from us and our brood of boys and animals and are still holding up really well.

Another family cast off used to reside in the conservatory, this sofa was huge and comfy and was shipped back from America when my Sister moved back to the UK 14 years ago:

As you can see in the above pic, the sofa had seen better days but I was still sorry to see it go when Mum changed up her furniture again and offered us two classic striped chairs - the two seater leather sofa came out to live in the conservatory and the chairs created the mismatched look I love in our lounge:

Once again the chairs are from SofaSofa and they are the most comfortable armchairs I've ever sat in. They are super sturdy and have stood up to our two big teenagers flopping down into them.

In fact I like them so much that I think with eventually reupholster them - I've been wanting to do an upholstery class for ages and so I can start big!!

Now my ultimate sofa (if I could choose any) would be a teal velvet chesterfield like the Belvedere:


Swoon!! I just love it!! It would look fab with my armchairs re-upholstered in something like this:

Be still my beating heart!!
In the conservatory for my ultimate sofa I'd choose something like the Hampton in luxurious cream velvet chenille to echo the button backed good looks of the Belvedere but with a little twist:
Though for practicalities sake perhaps a darker shade would be more prudent - two dogs and two cats with sixteen muddy paws I don't think the cream would be cream for long!!
Sigh, I do like a bit of fantasy shopping - don't you?
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  1. Your home is just so darling!!!! Love it the way it is so much. But I gasped a little at your fantasy couches. They are gorgeous. I bet your mom would love them also!! Then in three years she could hand them down to you:)
    As I write I am parked on a 1980 something hand me down leather sofa from my sis in law. I have bought the fabric to slipcover it but have not had the courage to start. Reupholstering seems even more intimidating but if anyone can, it is you!!!


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