Thursday, 9 July 2015

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Yesterday I spoke about time and how it flies.

Today I'm wondering about how you spend your free time & energy?

Do you have hobbies and pastimes you like to indulge?

Or for you, is a little free time the chance to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries?

I know many of my readers have little ones and it can be hard to find a moment to oneself in the hustle and bustle of looking after little people.

Our boys turned 15 years and 17 years last month and I've now long been rather surplus to requirements (unless I'm making dinner or picking up after them of course!!)

(They'll go mad if they see I've posted this pic!!)

When they became Tweens and no longer needed the constant supervision younger children need I found myself at a loose end. I had my horses (which I got back into when both boys were in full time school) but I couldn't help feeling something of a fifth wheel.

I cannot work due to health issues and found myself twiddling my thumbs. I'm not ashamed to confess feeling a bit depressed. Of course children always need their Mum but I just didn't have the day to day role of looking after them.

I was "saved" by Kirstie Allsopp.

Her first craft series aired on TV and after seeing her manage to knit after years of thinking she couldn't I was inspired to try crochet again - I too had tried and failed before.

This time I cracked it and that gave me confidence to try other things.

Soon I realised it didn't matter that I failed both Textiles and Art GCSEs at school.

So now I have so many things to pass my time I sometimes don't know what to choose and I can't imagine what people do who do not have a hobby.

I still like to crochet but I also knit, sew, embroider, draw and DIY - a report from school as a child once said "Sarah is like a butterfly, she flits from one thing to another" and that, I guess, is still very true!!

A few recent makes:

I still have horses, so spend a bit of time outdoors.

This is TC (The Colonel) and I adore him.

And I don't mind a bit of a potter in the garden, these days, I think it must be an age thing - I especially like growing flowers to bring indoors:

It turns out gardening is one of the UK's favourite outdoor pursuits and if you wondered what the others are First Utility have a neat little chart with all the info:

Tell me in the comments what you like to do with your spare time and energy?

Do you fall into one of the categories on the chart, or do you do something out of the ordinary?

Until next time....

S x

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  1. Hi Sarah, it's lovely to have you back, I always look forward to reading your updates. It's a big change in a Mums life when she feels her children no longer need her but don't despair, mine are all married, aged, 49, 47 and 43 have good wives/husband but still need their Mum. I physically now look up to mine but they're still my babies and always will be. :) what do I do in my spare time, I quilt, crochet, cross stitch and knit not all at once of ourse :)

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Nothing wrong with being a butterfly my lovely, I find I'm much the same but I like it that way, making the most of all those different talents :)
    The love of gardening certainly isn't an age thing either, I love pottering around in the garden and nothing beats being able to bring in home grown flowers to the house.
    I'm much the same as you really, my spare time is spent crafting, gardening and blogging although the odd walk or drive in the countryside is enjoyed from time to time too. If only I didn't have to work so that I could spend more time enjoying them hehee.
    Love Gem x x

  3. My spare time is spent sewing as I have a full time job as well as running my textile art business on nights and weekends. I also like to read and spend a lot of time either doing 'useful' searches on Pinterest (not useful at all but enjoyable), and generally surfing the net!

    We are currently working on our house too and my OH has recently built a great shelving unit and is now working on decking for our little yard. Wish I had a garden to potter in, can you potter in a yard?


  4. Knitting, sewing, reading mostly. I have ME, so I have to spend a lot of time resting and knitting is great for that.


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