Monday, 13 July 2015

The Inspiration for Redecoration!!

You may remember back in October 2013 our home was featured in "Style At Home" magazine?

The photoshoot took place in the May and so we had to wait several months to see our home in print.

When the copy arrived I noticed something that showed up in the pages that I had never noticed IRL - all the rooms seemed a bit, um, samey....

I guess a person has their favourites and their style but I didn't realise just how similar each room was.

Our house is just a small three bedroom semi but even so walking from room to room the similarities didn't hit me as they did when I saw them all together on the same pages.

Let me show you what I mean:


Very duck egg (my favourite colour) and pink and a bit sugary sweet.

Don't get me wrong I loved it for a long time but lately my tastes have evolved a bit and I'm liking a more authentically vintage, bolder, less pastel and more eclectic look.

For example, I love Sarah Moores vintage style:

I've also been inspired by several bloggers, including Lisa Loves Vintage and

Sarahmaguire_myvintagehome on Instagram:

And of course the lady who inspired both my home decor and the starting of this blog

Jane Goble AKA Posy:

Next time I'll tell you how I changed things to get more of the look I was after....

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Talk about leaving us in suspense. Can't wait to see what changes you have made.
    Love Gem x x


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