Friday, 25 March 2011

Sarah Shops Until She Drops!!

Well, not quite!! But I have done a bit of spending today, would you like to see what I have bought?

In the charity shop I found a gorgeous dinner service:

It has the sweetest little roses, which are oh so shabby chic:

And all for the bargain price of £9.95. I was very pleased as a lot of our plates are chipped and I have been yearning for a lovely assortment of mismatched plates so this is a very good start.

I must confess I do find the pricing in charity shops a little odd, the dinner service was priced at a bargainous £9.95 yet a single little square china plate I liked the look of was £7.95 all on it's own. Very odd.

Then I went to TKMaxx and oh joy!! They still had a Cath Kidston duvet cover left!! I had seen them earlier in the month but with too much month at the end of the money I had to resist. Not today though!!:

It was reduced from £75 to £40, which I think is still darned expensive, but I do have a terrible soft spot for bedlinen and it is CK after all!!

I have washed it, dried it and put it on the bed already!!

I also got a lovely wooden crochet hook to try:

I have carpal tunnel syndrome and sometimes find my hands ache when hooking with a metal hook so thought this might help because as well as being lovely to look at, it is very light.

Incidentally, for anyone who fancies giving crochet a try I can thoroughly recommend the book Crochet-Unravelled. I had given crochet a try over the years but never got very far, my Mum (who is an accomplished crocheter/knitter/seamstress) said I was holding the hook wrong so I gave up. 

Then a couple of years ago and once more I was inspired to try and so popped into our local wool shop. The lady in there said that she thought Mums were very naughty saying things like that as to her it didn't matter how the hook is held as long as the stitch is correct. She recommended the book above so I bought that, a hook and some pink cotton and off I went.

I opened the book with hook and yarn in hand and whilst following the simple instructions I was off doing it - Just. Like. Mum. An hour later I excitedly texted her a picture of my first granny square and she replied "I'm so proud, if you can crochet a granny square, you can crochet anything!!"

So, please, even if you think you can't - do give it a try as if I can do it anyone can!! And if you do take the plunge, let me know!!

Have a lovely weekend....

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  1. Those plates are adorable!! We have cheap plain plates that we've had since moving to uni so I'd love to get some nice ones. I'm not lucky enough to find good bargains like that though!
    That crochet hook is beautiful! And thanks for the book recommendation! I'd been meaning to ask you for a while if there a crochet book you could recommend, so thats gone on my wishlist :D I'm saving up a bit after my last fabric splurge lol
    Have a nice weekend :)
    Ashley x


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