Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sewing Room Ta-Dah!!

How has your weekend been? We have been very busy here at Shabby Chic Towers!!

Yesterday afternoon we went to fetch a dresser that we had won on eBay for my sewing room. A few months ago we dug out the spare room (which was very much a junk room) gave it a coat of paint with all the dregs we found in the garage mixed to a rather ugly and dark aubergine colour. I wasn't happy with it from the moment it was done but have put up with it until now.

I have been yearning for a gorgeous, inspirational, shabby chic studio like these here, here and here. So, I came up with a master plan, to find a dresser to replace the horrible mismatched melamine cupboard and drawers and then paint over the hideous paint with some one-coat emulsion (to make it less of an ordeal!!)

I managed to "persuade" Hubby to help due to the fact he owed me one because he has Gone. And. Bought. A. Motorbike. (More about that later).

And thus we spent yesterday afternoon painting over the yucky colour; realising the one-coat paint wasn't actually going to cover in one coat; making an impromptu trip to B&Q to find the last remaining tub of the discontinued cotton white paint I had chosen; doing a second coat!!

This afternoon I did a bit of organising and Hubby put up my shelves and it is now a much, much more inspiring room.

Would you like to see it?

This is the dresser that we got off eBay for £41:

It now houses my books and small fabric stash and in the drawers is my yarn sorted by colour. On the top left you see my photo albums which I did when scrapbooking. In the middle are my files with card and paper and the baskets on the right have my Work In Progress and 3 x cushions that are waiting for new covers.

The sewing box was also an eBay find which I have had a little while - that was only £10.

Here you see "Dolly" - my double!! She is a duct tape dummy which Hubby and I made to help me when making clothes. I am really that shape *blushes*

My shelves, which I would love to fill with jars of buttons and vintage trimmings....

My sewing table with my Mother's Day tablecloth!! The curtains will have to be changed when I find some fabric I like.

Unfortunately, I have to have the tumbledryer in my room, it's hiding behind the ironing board which is sporting my Mother's Day cover!! On the wall is a noticeboard we made by getting a HUGE (it was 3 x times this size!!) sheet of polystyrene (which is sold for insulation & cost £6) and covering it with Cath Kidston fabric. We stuck it to the wall with No More Nails and I'll cover it in clippings and pictures that inspire me....

Today, we went on a trip to Gun Wharf Quays where Son#1 and Son#2 were dropped off at the cinema while Hubby and I looked around the shops in peace - they have a Cath Kidston outlet and as this was my first visit as it hasn't been open very long I was Very.Excited. Indeed.

It is quite a big shop and the reductions seemed to be about 30% which was pretty good I thought. I bought myself a keyring and some fabric for the noticeboard and Hubby (on behalf of Sons #1 & #2!!) bought me an ironing board cover and a tablecloth for Mother's Day - I've been a bit naughty and had them already.

I also bought this little fella in Paperchase:

What you can't see from the pic is he is a little bit glittery and for £2 I couldn't resist him!!

Other news this weekend is that Hubby has gone and bought a motorbike. I am not very happy about it but it's my own fault for agreeing he could a couple of years ago (thinking it would never happen!!) I met him way back when I was 15 and he was 16 he had motorbikes (in fact that's how we met).

Hubby got rid of his last bike before we moved in together in 1995 and hasn't had one since, so as I have my horses I thought I could hardly complain if he wanted a bike once again.

I shan't be impressed at all if he decides he wants an earring to go with it though!! ;0)

He has been thoroughly over excited all weekend!! 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you're sewing room!! I'm not jealous. . .no, not me, not at all ;)
    That dresser is beautiful! I'd love one when we have the room :)
    Ooh, I love Paperchase! OH and I bought a photo album from there yesterday, and I spent last night and some of today adding photographs to it. Its only a third full so far. Must take more pictures! lol
    Ashley x

  2. Oooooh what an inspirational post! What I wouldn't give for a work room! The dresser is a great find and I love your idea for the noticeboard!

    Happy crafting!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment... I am very pleased to have discovered your blog! Absolutely LOVE the dresser that you got from Ebay what a complete bargain, and all the lovely shabby chic things in your cozy home. Brilliant idea for the notice board too... I'm off to source some polysteyrene! have a fab weekend! Sarah x


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