Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring Is Here - Yay!!

This weekend has been quite a lazy one - we didn't have to go to the stables to do the horses as my friend did them, she has recently got back in the saddle following a break and is playing with my ponies to get her horsey fix.

Hubby went out early and when he came back about 10.00am he brought me these:

Don't they look lovely in my favourite blue jug? I whipped up the crochet "doily" to sit them on yesterday afternoon whilst sitting in the conservatory - I got the idea and pattern from Crochet with Raymond do check the blog out it's another of my rapidly growing list of favourites!!

The daffs smell gorgeous too, I sat crocheting all afternoon and breathed in their scent.

Today Hubby was out all day so I did a bit of tidying and then more crocheting - this time fiddly little flowers to adorn a tea cosy I've made:

The hyacinth we bought last weekend has started flowering overnight too - yesterday they were literally just tight little buds and today look:

I have to be careful where I leave my yarn as Bear, one of our Tonkinese cats is EXTREMELY partial to a bit of wool. He is obsessed with it and will make off with a ball the minute your back is turned:

He likes to take the ball and throw it around and then he takes it to his dinner bowl where he will have a bite of food and then a chew on the ball of yarn. He's a real loon!!

This afternoon after I grew bored of crocheting the tiny flowers I went outside and did a bit of weeding. We are very much novice gardeners and only last year created our flowerbed which we filled with perennials flowers. Today I weeded out the dead stuff and then tried to guess which shoots were our flowers coming back and which were actual weeds!!

We got such pleasure last year from watching the seeds we had sown and the cuttings we replanted flourish in our little garden. 

No pictures of that just yet - maybe next time....


  1. Aww, what a sweet hubby! :) I love getting flowers. I'm tempted to get a hyacinth plant, they're sooo pretty, and really smell like spring don't they? The only problem would be that my OH suffers from hayfever :( Ah well, stuff him! lol He has his red light therapy to help with his hayfever, he'll be fine ;)
    I do wish we had a garden :( I do miss it.
    I love cats!! And yours sounds particularly mischievous! lol My younger brother has a fluffy ginger kitten. He's a cheeky little thing, and is definitely a people 'person'. He'll shove himself onto your knee laptop or no laptop! lol
    Ashley x

  2. Daffodils bring the sunshine into the house I think! What a lovely husband you have! I have to buy my own flowers these days!!!!!!

    Your crochet flowers are looking lovely. I have a real soft spot for hyacinths. They are a truly beautiful flower.

    Must get out in the garden now the weather is getting a bit better. Lots to do. I like to dictate though and get the other half doing the hard graft!!!!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. I have just found your blog and I love the wallpaper in your bathroom. I have seen the idea on flickr, it looks great.
    I also love your bedroom, it is so pretty.
    I wish I could crochet. Sadly, I imagine a disastrous lot of tangles for me.


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