Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boiling Frogs....

Hello again!! Two posts in two days, blimey!!

Mr G has flown to Geneva for a meeting and I've been bored and lonely so I just wanted to show you a couple of things I finished yesterday.

I made myself a new sign for my girl cave:

I also gave a mirror my Stepdad had given me a makeover - he kindly gave it to me to sell, but yet again I've ended up keeping the thing he's given me to sell on.

It was dark, dingy wood and had a rusty chain so I set about giving it a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and then a layer of Duck Egg. I soaked the chain in some vinegar and then scrubbed it to remove the tarnish and after sanding and distressing I added some gold Rub And Buff:

I love how it's turned out!! Because it was to be hung by the chain, I used an idea I had seen in "Period Homes" magazine (that I buy even though we live in a 1970's semi!!) where you drill a hole, insert a rawl plug and then screw in a drawer pull or knob to use as a hook.

I must tell you what Mr G said after her hung it for me, I was saying how nice it looked and he agreed and then he mused "It's like boiling a frog isn't it?"

"What is?" says I....

"All the shabby chic/vintage/floral decor we now have spread around the whole house, if you'd tried to add it all at once I wouldn't have had any of it. But you kind of sneaked it in, gradually" he said "You couldn't add a frog to boiling water as it would jump out, but put it in cold and gently heat it up and it'll hardly notice what's going on"....

I must admit I laughed my head off at this as it's EXACTLY what I've done!! I started off with a bit of Cath Kidston and shabby chic in the bedroom and then gradually spread it around the rest of the house too!!

"I can't remember what it looked like before it was all shabby chic can you?" I said

"Yeah" Mr G said "It looked crap!!"

I think you could say the assimilation is complete!!


S x



  1. shabby stealth! good work...your holiday photos were great (we took the little boat to the wreck when we were on our honeymoon!)
    fee x

  2. Haha brilliant - love it!
    Maria x

  3. Oh wow that made me grin, that is exactly what it's like! My hubby has not clicked yet though he will one day though. Your mirror knob idea is terrific, I have several of those old mirrors on chains all over the place and I never thought of that! Thanks xx

  4. Hi Sarah, what a great expression!! It is a gradual drip feed in our house... it started with a gradual 'shabby' florification of the downstairs first, followed by slow changes upstairs ;0)

    I do so love your sign. Honestly, if you made one and sold it on etsy I would buy it!!! You are very talented! Hope you're feeling better now.
    J9 x

  5. The sign and the mirror are gorgeous. The "frog" comment is hilarious. You are one clever girl. :)
    Anne xx

  6. Hee hee hee love it!!!! Just written about frogs in my blog update so worried a little about reading yours!!!!!
    Speak soon love.
    In haste, should have gone to bed two hours ago. x x x

  7. Awwwwwwww... I love your blog! You have some beautiful and original ideas... I love the shabby chic look!


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