Friday, 28 September 2012

The Big 4-0 - Part Two....

On Saturday Mr G had "things" planned - he wouldn't tell me what and said we had until about 2.30pm free and so after a really fantastic breakfast at the hotel we travelled to Liberty as (would you believe?) I had never been:

We had a good mooch around and there was much incredulous giggling at the prices of things - £54 for an egg cup anyone? Or £96 for a tiny espresso cup (no saucer)? £550 for a free motion embroidery?

We did buy a small gift for MIL for looking after the boys and I got a new metal seam gauge as mine is bent and useless and I was stupidly delighted when they gave me a huge purple Liberty carrier bag to carry it in so we looked posh for the rest of the day!!

After Liberty we made our way to Covent Garden for a wander and eventually found ourselves at the river to get a glimpse of the iconic skyline:

Soon, Mr G said we had to head for Piccadilly - I had an inkling that afternoon tea was in order, The Ritz perhaps? Or The Dorchester? Not knowing London I had no idea.

We got there with an hour and half to spare so when we came to Fortnum and Masons Mr G asked if I wanted to have a look around - I had never been so was delighted to.

It was fabulous, we started in the basement and oohed and ahhed over all the lovely produce. We sighed at how the other half live as some of the patrons filled trolleys with all the wonderful (expensive) goodies and Mr G bought me a lovely pink tin of birthday biscuits that plays Happy Birthday.

I didn't realise that Fortnums sold none food items and so we spent a good hour or so wandering round the Christmas department; the beauty and bath department; accessories and gifts for the person who has everything.

It was a lovely way to while away some time - all the staff wear tails, but were very welcoming and didn't make you feel out of place at all.

Soon Mr G said it was time to go. We were up on the third floor and so I went to press "down" on the lift and Mr G looked at me with mischievous blue eyes and said "No - Up"

"We're here?!!" I said incredulously, I hadn't even considered we were having tea at Fortnums!! He had been so nonchalant about even going into the store!!

As the lift rose up to The Tea Salon on the fourth floor the sound of a piano wafting gently down - the doors opened to reveal:

And I burst into tears. Proper floods.

I was so overwhelmed. By the surprise; by how perfect it was; by my wonderful husband.

We were led to our seats and the waitress gave me a few minutes to compose myself and then returned to explain that they do three types of tea: Classic Afternoon Tea with finger sandwiches; scones with jam and cream and cakes. Savoury Afternoon Tea with sandwiches; savoury scones and savoury canap├ęs. And High Tea with which you had a hot savoury; scones and cakes.

We went for the classic tea and the lovely waitress helped us choose from 100 different teas. She was so knowledgeable and made suggestions based on the types of tea we like. She also explained that you can order a new tea with each "course" and you both can have different types.

We also had a jug of fresh lemonade which was yummy....
It really was the most wonderful way to spend a couple of hours, I have had a few afternoon teas and this was by far the best, not least because you were allowed to order more of each thing if you wanted (three rounds of sandwiches? Don't mind if we do!!)

All too soon it was time to return to the hotel, but the days festivities were not yet over. We had about an hour to get changed and then it was time to head out again. Once more Mr G refused to tell me where we were off too, even making me stand well back whilst he spoke to the taxi driver.

After a short drive we pulled up here:

I cried.
What a lucky, spoiled girl I was!! We love, love, love musicals and I have been wanting to see The lion king for ages as its one of our favourite Disney movies.
It didn't disappoint, we had seats in the stalls and it was fab - all the animals ran straight past us. It was magical. I cried three times. I just cannot contain my emotions. Never have been able to but seem to get worse as I get older!!
After the show we had a late dinner in Covent Garden and then grabbed a taxi to return to the hotel tired but very happy....
S x

Click on the link and find things to do in London - spend time in our wonderful capital, there really is something for everyone....


  1. Sarah, what a lovely hubby you have - didn't he do well! X

  2. Oooooooh ahhhhhhh, I actually have tears in my eyes love!!! My sis LOVES the Lion King more than life itself.
    You are such a lucky and much loved person, never hide your emotions. I think it is a wonderful thing for Mr G to see just how happy he made you.
    I can't believe how spoilt you were, afternoon tea too!!!! It looks amazing.
    Can't wait to hear all soon.
    Big love
    x x x

  3. Oh wow, I have been filling up just reading about that all. I would have been in tears too. Perfect, perfect birthday, so glad you shared it x

  4. Aw, your hubby is an absolute star, Sarah! He's a keeper, for sure. What a fantastic birthday treat! I am very envious. Lovely, lovely, lovely! xx

  5. What lovely birthday celebrations you had! Ada :)

  6. How gorgeous I just cried at the down no up bit , seriously could hardly read on you lucky lady how romantic and sweet xx

  7. How romantic I just cried at the down no up part could hardly read on x you lucky lady sounds like a gorgeous weekend x

  8. Just been catching up on all your birthday adventures - you lucky lady :) Hope you've now got used to being 40??

  9. Fabulous day out ... Afternoon tea looked gorgeous ... And Lion Ling amazing, we went to see it 2 years ago,but would happily go again. Lucky girl!

    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  10. oh mr. g loves you so! what wonderful birthday surprises. was it one of your best birthdays?


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