Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My First Blanket Ta Dah!!

Well, when I say blanket I use the term loosely as it is not as big as I would have liked, not because I didn't have the stamina, but because I needed more yarn!!

Here it is:

It's made from Debbie Bliss Amalfi which is a blend of cotton/viscose/linen/silk - I got the first batch on sale reduced from £5.00 to £2.00 per ball and soon realised I needed more. I reordered twice and probably spent nigh on £50 over the course of a few weeks!! It is the perfect size for putting over your lap whilst snuggling on the sofa and is also very heavy.

I must confess I am becoming a bit of a yarn snob and find I dislike acrylic yarn, I have found that cushions I have made from it have not worn well at all and I've had to throw two away that have gone fluffy/bobbly.

I don't know how people afford to make huge blankets out of nice yarn though, as it's usually at least £4.00 per 50g for anything decent unless you are lucky enough to find a sale bargain.

In other news, last week I had to have my cracked tooth out and it was horrid!! It didn't hurt when it was actually removed of course as my lovely dentist gave me plenty of anaesthetic, but that in itself was unpleasant as I had to have an injection in my palette. It took a-g-e-s to come out too, a good 15 minutes of digging and yanking.

Luckily my Mum came with me as I felt quite shaky afterwards and she took me home to look after me. I went home after lunch as the anaesthetic was wearing off and boy did it hurt!! I took lots of painkillers and took myself off to bed with a hot water bottle to lay my cheek on and about tea time it stopped hurting so bad.

Now, a week later it's still a bit sore - in fact I have had a sore mouth for four weeks since I broke the blimmin' tooth in the first place!! Hopefully it's on the mend now.

The countdown is on to my 40th on the 24th Septemeber, Mr G will give me no clue at all as to where he is taking me - exciting!!

Before that though I am stupidly excited for the return of Downton Abbey this Sunday!! I am currently rewatching the last two series on ITV3 each evening, I have an early bath and then snuggle up on the bed with my fleecy blanket and my iPad to lose myself in it for an hour - bliss!!


S x


  1. Well, that is a beautiful throw and you should be very proud of yourself. I, personally, like small throws rather than large ones that are really more blankets. I'm in The States so we don't have your brand of yarns (or as you say wool) but I like to use acrylic and cotton yarns. I don't buy real expensive yarn. Our acrylic Caron Simply Soft has the nicest feel to it and you don't have to worry when buying it because it is a "no dye lot" yarn. Loops & Threads Silky Soft is another acrylic I love to use. I haven't used any yarn that is wool. I am a little sensitive to wool and it's usually much more expensive. Enjoy your adorable throw!

  2. What a gorgeous blanket! I love the colours you chose too :)
    Ouch, I hate having teeth out! I had to have two out when I had braces, and they really hurt! And don't the anaesthetic needles sting?!
    I want to make a patch blanket from Cascade 220, and I think when I get round to it, I'm going to buy a couple of balls a month. That way, it's not a massive amount of money at once.
    Ashley x

  3. Hi Sarah
    I love your colour choices for your crochet blanket it is beautiful well done you!! on your Ta-Da'' and it looks fabulous on the back of your sofa, gorgeous cushions too... I too would love to use the more expensive yarn also..
    I have just started to make a small granny blanket for my wee granddaughters teddy bear!! :)I hope your mouth is a bit less sore now, I sympathize with you as I had the same done a few months ago.. take care.
    Lots Hugs Sarah x

  4. Oh, that looks sooooo lovely.
    I know what you mean about acrylic- it just doesn't have that lovely, bright tone that cotton or wool has, does it?!
    Well done on your tooth recovery too- hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Love your blankie! The colours ate fab, well done you!
    Celeste x

  6. oh sarah, your blanket turned out lovely! your tooth pull sounds painful. i bet you're super excited for your birthday surprise. ;)

  7. Aw love. They finally took it out. Poor you. Blanket looks lush, well done
    Speak soon. Up to eyes.......gulp........
    X x x

  8. Beautiful blanket S! You're right, I think you have to be super rich to be able to make a big blanket from yummy wool as it is WAY TOOOOOOOO expensive. The blankets I made for the bears were made using a mix of cheap and middle of the road yarn. I knew that they would be used and abused and it would have broken my heart to have spent so much time and money on something that was pulled apart from over use! This way, if they don't last I don't mind. They gave me crochet practice and they were well used so I cannot ask for any more. I use top notch yarn for my cushions, scarves etc and my evening sun blanket was made using more expensive stuff and only I use that as I know i'll take care of it!

    Sorry about your tooth. Eeek, I really dislike the dentists. I never watched the first couple of series of Downton Abbey but want to. Just have to be able to fit it into my day somehow!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Sorry about your tooth. I feel your pain. I had a root canal yesterday and I was in the chair for 2 /12/ hours while the dentist tried desperately to clean out my roots. Oh! Am I sore today!
    Your blanket looks so cozy- perfect for these falls days.
    I am so jealous about Downton Abbey beginning again in the UK. We have to wait until January here on this side of the pond!

  10. the blamket is fab!!!! oh i do hope i can make something like that one day xx

  11. Gorgeous blanket, the colours are beautiful. It uses a lot of yarn, doesn't it ???? I've put mine on hold deciding whether to keep it the size it is or buy more wool. I always think you get what you pay for, I put money in a tin each week to pay for the wool on large blankets, my latest blanket has taken a year so I should have a fair bit towards my next project.
    Life begins at 40, I've had the best few years of my life, so enjoy !!!!

  12. Your blanket is fabulous! Looks to be a great snuggle blanket...we have had the first bit of chilly weather here this morning so I need to get cracking and finish up a blanket of my own -- seeing yours gives me some sadly lacking motivation!! Ahhh...Downton Abbey...felt like it would never return!


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