Thursday, 25 October 2012

By The Sea....

Hello my lovely ladies!! How've you been?

Much of this week has been quiet and a lot of knitting (and frogging) has gone on but yesterday I ventured out to meet up with some of my good friends that I have met through the power of the www.

I went via Ashley's from Country Rose to collect her & Rose and then we headed across to Gem's (of Treasures From The Cherry Tree fame) new house.

We were given a warm welcome with tea and homemade cake and I was finally able to give Gem the housewarming gift I had made:

One of my free motion embroidery pictures of her house.

I have these for sale in my Etsy shop - I can do custom embroideries of your house or a friend or relatives, they would make great gifts!!

After the grand tour of Gem's new home (which is EXACTLY like the kind of house I would love, complete with Downton Abbeyesque doorbell!!) we pottered along to a lovely cafe on the seafront to meet Sarah from Annaboo's House and her little daughter for lunch.

Naturally, having already had cake I fell completely off the wagon:

Mmmmm, I could just eat it again!!

After lunch we went for a wander on the beach and Rose entertained us no end by splashing in the rock pools and more than once sitting down fully clothed in them!! Luckily, Ashley had a change of clothes so it was decided to let Rose get on with it and she and little A had a whale of a time:

We posed for silly group portraits:
Could I look anymore like Lisa Riley?!!

I prefer this one which we took whilst Ashley was fishing Rose out of another rock pool (sorry, Ashley, how rubbish are we? She was sooooo funny and cute though!!):

All too soon (after more tea and cake at Gem's) it was time to come home. We had such a lovely day and promises were made to meet up again soon.

I must add that it was one of those days where one truly marvels at the power of a blog - without which I would have never met these lovely ladies that I have so much in common with....


S x


  1. How lovely that you are friends with such bloggy legends! I follow you, Ashley and Gem, but will now have to take a look at the other Sarah's blog now!

    Looks like a lovely day out, and that house picture is fab ... what a perfect housewarming present!

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xxx

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful day out. How simply wonderful to meet up with bloggy friends. I had similar experience this summer when I met up with some podcaster friends. It was so nice to put faces to voices.

    The Internet and all the various social media places is truly a marvellous place for making new friends :)

  3. Your house embroidery is beautiful! No wonder Gemma was so in love with it.
    We had such a lush day out- it was good to natter and giggle lots. And eat chips, obviously!!!
    Tee hee!
    Have a lovely week- nearly the weekend!!

  4. Oooooh. Ooooooooh.......OOOOHHHHH!!!!! I love this post! I am so glad you enjoyed it yesterday. I could've eaten scampi and chips again today too..twice if I'm honest.
    All the cake is gone (oh dear I truly left off the wagon with a splat yesterday and drank way too much gin last night too!!!)so I reckon give me a few months, I could give Lisa Riley a run for her money (and you don't look like her at all, you freak so shurrup!)
    Our date last night was spent mainly talking about you! Can you believe it?! Ha ha, bet your ears were burning. Him indoors thought you were great....(but let's not mention beach huts and bunting!)
    I totally love the picture thank you again so very much. It's still where I left it, not put it up yet. To be honest, I just keep swooning over it in the lounge!
    Next time you come, let's dance Gangnum style on the beach to burn off our scampi. (They do wine treat!)
    Rose was hilarious, I think the Prince took a shine to her. He keeps calling her The Girl! Let's not make Ashley rock climb next time, in case it brings the babber on.
    Looking forward to the next time.
    And don't forget, our mattress toppers are the way forward..... ;-)

  5. Wow Sarah, that embroidered picture is awesome! (The scampi and chips looks pretty good too!)

  6. Love your embroidery picture - it is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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