Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

I have been completely slack again and let the time between posts slip once again, but here I am and I thought I would show you how I have made Shabby Chic Towers look festive this year.

The first thing to go up was the tree, this year I have been a sheep and gone for the very popular red and white theme and (for the first time ever) no obvious tinsel. In actual fact, it does have tinsel, it's just matt green to hide the wires of the lights plus a bit wound round the very centre of the tree to give some depth:

(It looks quite rubbish here)

I got some really lovely new decorations from Wilkinsons and Poundland:

To the right of the tree you can see the fabulous nativity scene that my Mum knitted for me before I could craft - my Stepdad built the stable and I adore it:

We also have a lovely little shop all lit up for Christmas that Mr G's Mum and Dad treated us to last year:

The local garden centre has a massive display of these every year and I was so chuffed to get one!!

Since we had the conservatory built across the back off the house five years ago we have had two trees - although I love, love, love real trees we gave up on them the year we had to chuck one out on Christmas Eve because it was as bald as a coot!!

The second tree is not quite as tasteful as the first:

(Not sure what is going on with that errant branch!!)

I decorated my sticks with decorations I had made from the Cath Kidston Christmas Decorations book:

I'd read some less than flattering reviews of the book and nearly didn't buy it, but I am glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed making the little felt decorations:

I also knitted some little hearts using this pattern from Ravelry, though I "cheated" and backed each heart with fleece instead of knitting both sides:

Other favourites that are new this year are my little stag and gingerbread house:

I bought two and I shall leave them out all year round, even though they are glittery....

From Poundland, would you believe?!!

So that is how things look here. I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do, but most will be done online although next week we are going to have our traditional outing to Winchester Christmas Market.

It's our 16th wedding anniversary too next week and we also need to make a trip with the boys to the garden centre to choose a bauble each, I do so love our traditions - I'd love to hear about yours?


S x

PS My absence has been in part due to my anxiety which is often bad this time of year, I think probably due to the added stress of Christmas....



  1. I love your little knitted nativity scene - so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Welcome back Sarah. Yup, it is such a stressful time of year. Your home looks very festive and I really love the felt decs you made. Homemade decs really are the best. xx

  3. The Brother has now gone into the lounge with the kids so I've got 5 mins and caught up with your blog.
    Sorry we didn't speak longer earlier but he had literally just walked in and I've not seen him for 20 long months!
    But we'll def catch up again this weekend.
    I might need to pop into Poundland now to look at the decs. Wilko do have some amazing ones though and so cheap!
    Right, the Princess is singing a solo tonight in a church. Hundreds will be there.
    I feel nervous for her, although she seems fine.
    Glad things better for you! I HATE this time of year too #sickbug although I am more concerned due to new carpets in the kids' bedrooms!!!!!
    Speak soon gorge,

  4. Sarah, your handmade decorations are beautiful. I love the white deer as well. Thank you for taking time out to do my embroidered picture. Have a lovely Christmas.
    Sharon XXX

  5. Beautiful photos I love your felty makes, I have heard poor reviews of that book too but you have make a great job of those makes! x

  6. The trees look great, and I liking the home made decorations. I know this time of year can be so stressful, but I after many years of "how can I make Christmas perfect" worry, have totally relaxed, it isn't going to be all fancy it's going to be happy and family (there is only 4 of us). BUT I did buy goose fat for the roast potatoes, a la Nigella.

  7. Sarah your decorations are gorgeous, I love them, I love the branches in the Vase that are decorated with the ornaments, well done! Love it all!


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