Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wafflings (For Want Of A Better Title!!)....

I have a spare 15 minutes so thought I would do a quick blog post, I really must try and post more regularly.

So, what have I been up to?

Last week I went to visit my dear friend Ashley from Country Rose to meet her gorgeous new baby:

How gorgeous is he? Made me very broody!!

I too the opportunity to take few little gifts over:

After a few false starts I settled on this little stripey cardigan, which is the first ever garment I have knitted that I am happy with!!

The colour way was inspired by the movie Labyrinth - the baby in that wears a lovely red and white striped babygro:

When my boys were little I wanted a babygro like this for them but could never find one....
Of course I couldn't leave Ashley's daughter Rose out and so I made her a little rabbit following a pattern from Mary Janes Tearoom:
I highly recommend these patterns, they are so easy to follow - in fact one of these rabbits was the first pattern I followed after learning to knit.

I made Ashley a little vintage style felt brooch among other things:

I've also found time to knit Milo a festive jumper:

I have been working on my first ever paid embroidery "commission":

And of course there is always time for cake!!:

I always find December tricky, on the one hand I love Christmas but on the other I often find that my anxiety is bad. You may remember I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting).

It is so bad that I had to give up work because I was so fearful of coming into contact with "germs" that might make me ill and as such all these horror stories about bugs are freaking me out!!

I then become so worried about being sick that I start to feel nauseas and then don't know whether its real or my imagination!! The mind is a powerful thing and its not good when, sometimes, it doesn't seem to be on your side!!

So, I'm giving myself lots of "talking to's" and downing the old Rescue Remedy in the hopes of keeping things in check!!


S x



  1. Sweet little person, and a lovely jumper.
    I love the Mary Jane Tearoom patterns they are really lovely. Lovely knitting and makes.
    Sorry to hear about your phobia.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. What a shame - hope you feel well over Christmas. Love your little knitted gifts - thoughtful and beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. And may I say, I am thrilled with the embroidery! I love that knitted rabbit! Have a lovely Christmas. love Sharon XX

  4. You poor thing, it's a awful "fear" to have. For some reason I am very calm about Christmas this year, might be my age (56), or the past stresses of the year have oddly de-stressed me or that large port I have each evening, (I say that as a non-drinker, or you could say I'm a reformer non-drinker).Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  5. The baby is absolutely perfect!!!
    So is your embroidery! Wow... that's your first go? Beautiful!


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