Saturday, 22 December 2012

We're All Still Here Then!!

Hello, my lovelies!! I'm delighted to see that we are all still here!! My inner cave woman was a teensy bit apprehensive about the 21st and one little 12 year old had to sleep in Mummy and Daddy's room:

Are you all ready for Christmas? We are more or less there, we need to pop to the local retail park for one more thing and then I fully intend not to leave the house until at least the 27th!!

Except for Christmas Day of course, which we are spending at my Mums, along with my Sis and family and Mr G's mum and dad.

Have you been socialising lots? I'm afraid my fear of winter bugs has put me in hibernation mode, but my Sis, BIL, nephew and niece did come over for some dinner last night, they brought a bottle of fizz which lasted all of five minutes and the most delicious banoffee pie:

We did a silly selfie:

Some people think we look alike but I can't see it!!

I'm currently awaiting the delivery of our Tesco order, I'm hoping it all turns up or else we'll be rather like Margo and Gerry in The Good Life (love that show!!) when their Christmas isn't delivered!!


S x


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  1. I never bought into the End of the World thing, it's been going on since the 80's, not one single group of half naked Indians could possibly know when the World will end! But I know that so many people thought the same as you did! I wanted to tell you that I love your canisters, do you mind me asking where you purchased them? I'd love to have a set, they are absolutely gorgeous! And if you don't mind, I'll be over for some of that cake~ :)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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